7th Championship Show - 02/04/05

Mrs Lesley McFadyen (Araidh Staffords) - UK


I have to say an enormous THANK YOU to the Officers and Committee of the Club for the invitation and opportunity to travel half way round the world to give my opinions on your dogs.  I also have to say an equally big THANK YOU to the exhibitors for travelling the huge distances they did to show their dogs under me – I was really quite humbled by the thought of how much effort is put into attending shows in Australia.  In the UK the majority of our shows are within a few hours travelling time, we certainly don’t fly our dogs internally to shows – you could fly the whole length of the country in 1 ½ hrs!!!!  It just amazes me!


I was very impressed by the standard of your dogs, although I found that there were some dogs that were at the very top end of the standard in regards both weight and height I still found that they were balanced.  As exhibitors I found you all to be very professional, you dressed smartly to compliment your dogs in the main, your handling skills are well honed, you are very well aware of what is required of you in the ring and appeared to make the stewards job much easier.  I also enjoyed the faster pace at which you moved your dogs.  In the UK we aren’t really afforded the ring sizes that you have so moving dogs for us is a quick ’up and down the mat twice, please’.  By the time the dog has had a shake, a scratch and jumped at his lead it takes a very quick eye to assess the actual movement.  With the luxury of the space you guys have and the pace to stride out, as a judge it was a pleasure to see the dogs forward reach and rear drive without too much effort. 


Generally I found there to be quite a number of mouth faults, untidy dentition and close bites rather than misplaced canines; untidy feet were another slight worry. However, pigmentation was good across the board and it was great to have the opportunity to see such colour variation.  I’m sure if I’d taken the time to study it all more carefully it would be apparent that there are areas of the country better served with the quality dogs and I do appreciate the lengths you have to travel to use stud dogs etc. but I think you have a decent gene pool and used wisely you should be able to carry on producing to a very good standard.


Good luck to you all for the future and thank you once again for not only seeking my opinion but accepting it with such good grace and making me so welcome.



                                                                             Judge: Lesley McFadyen (Araidh)

  with her Best in Show Winner:

                                                                                       Ch Koendidda Umrum

                                                                                   With his owner & breeder –

                                                                                          Erica Schelfhorst





BABY PUPPY DOG (14, 1 abs)

How on earth can anyone be expected to judge these tiddlers??? The range from three to six months sees such change that it is very hard to compare them, mouths couldn’t really be taken in to consideration at all, and some had ‘showoffability’ while others were just pure puppies!  I felt like saying they should be left at home, but appreciate that as you travel such distances bringing the babies along and using the show as a training ground is probably a reasonable option. It will be very interesting to follow them up in the future & see how they have shaped up. The very best of luck to them all!


1st Holohan’s KOZNAR BLADE RUNNER   (Ch Solidrock In Like Flynn x Koznar WinkyPopChekyChic)

Brindle dog puppy with solid white chest and markings, this young chap has a very nicely shaped head, showing ample underjaw and dark eyes.  For a baby pup he has a good balance about him, although he appears a little upright in shoulder.  He has plenty of time for his feet to tighten up, but he certainly moved out well with his owner displaying a very good bend of stifle

2nd          Winders’ WARLEY ROYAL DOULTON              (Chablakmor Devils Advocate x Tykabul Very Much So)

This black brindle baby with a white front shows very good weight of bone and balance.  His skull has depth through and he has dark eyes that make for a good expression. Again, at his age he is still teething and his ears will settle better once he is past this stage.  Short in the back he showed less bend of stifle than the winner but nevertheless moved well enough holding his topline steady.

3rd           Faithful’s OURKNIGHTS RED HT RUMOR                (Novastaff Beamish Red x Sharpshot Storms Kiss)

Tiny baby red, but what a star!  A real trooper in terms of showing and potential I’m sure he will be a corker.  He has a beautiful head shape, with clean lips and strength of underjaw all enhanced by his dark eyes and black muzzle. His ears are a little heavy at the moment but on the plus side he has an excellent back end and ribs even at this tender age

4th              Oldenburg’s STAFFYHAUS DRUMMER BOY            (Ch Bustabones Howard ULikIt x Ch Staffyhaus Tiffany Hasti)

Really fidgety black brindle boy, but when he did settle I saw enough to secure him his place. Short in the back with loads of bone, he went well and sports a terrific bend of stifle

5th              Osborne’s PEPSTAFF GUESS AGAIN                     (Willspride Cockney Rebel x Tuskstock Broken Arrow)

Smart shaped brindle pup, a bit light all over, so not quite showing the balance of the pups in front of him. He wouldn’t move at all but stood like a trooper showing off a short back and shapely back end



1st             Stanley’s STANBURY SMARTY JONES   (Ch Belleden Devil Ov Orion x Highbourne Precocious)

Some dogs in this class were too big for their age but this handsome pied was of standard size, with everything in the right place.  Very clean lipped and with a blunt muzzle and dark eyes, he presents a lovely picture enchanced by his good pigmentation showing in his nicely marked dark nails. Although his front movement needs to tighten his has good body properties and a strong back end for his age and development.


2nd            Basson’s RAYONNOIRE THE NOMAD  (Takillas Taboo Noir-UK x Ch Knockon Bittersweet –UK)

Cheeky 6 month old well boned puppy enjoying his day out, he shows lots of potential.  Another pup with excellent round, dark eyes, terrific strength of underjaw and a blunt muzzle. His brisket will develop given time and he is still wobbly on move but nevertheless a stylish pup with a good topline

3rd            Byrne & Reid’s BINDATASH SON OF MAGIC                (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Bindatash Princess Mindi)

Smart lad with a nice style about him - clean head showing a good underjaw although his muzzle could have a little more depth and his ears are a wee bit high. He has enough brisket and bone for his age and a decent topline and back end with correct tail carriage.  He moved better behind than in front

4th           Brindale Kennels BRINDALE NO BOUNDARIES           (Niatona The Silent Assassin - Imp UK x Ch Brindale Maid to Mystify)

Red smut, bigger all over than the first three with a plainer head. Another who would benefit from a blunter muzzle but he has lovely dark eyes. A tad long in back, he is a fair dog behind the shoulders with a good width of back end


5th             Faithful’s BELLEDEN GHOST N DARKNESS                 (Ch Belleden Devil Ov Orion x Ch Pitford Princess Azeri)

This pied pup was more on the leg and still needs to drop in brisket to balance, however he has a correct topline and nice enough head shape, again with good pigmentation



Two quite different dogs, both with virtues and flaws

1st    Butler & O’Brien’s TANSPARK WHITE KNIGHT       (Ch Tanspark Aka Daka x Ch Topstud White Pearl)

White dog right at the top end of the scale, he has everything in abundance – bone aplenty and no-one would ever accuse him of lacking in skull!  His ear carriage spoils his expression rather but he does have excellent pigmentation and a superb topline which he held throughout.  Won over the second dog by virtue of his overall type

2nd     Gardner / Martin’s STAFFSTRUCK SNOW WARRIOR          (Staffstruck High Velocity x Ch Staffstruck Malibu Dreams)

This pied chap is sized more within the standard but as yet hasn’t gained balance.  His head shape is appealing with very attractive markings, correct ear carriage and a good mouth.  Time should strengthen his back end and hopefully tighten his feet.


JUNIOR DOG (17, 3 abs)        JUNIOR IN SHOW

1st             Brown’s LAPWING QUICKSILVER QUINN   (Ch Mishmax Little Gladiator x Diamondstaff Jasmin)

Compact black brindle dog with lovely balance to him - I had him the winner all the way in this class. He has a typical head shape, strong muzzle, defined stop with round dark eyes and correctly set and carried ears. Well off for bone, his feet could be tidier, but he carried a firm topline and strong back end.  He showed more animation as the class went on which certainly didn’t go amiss, including shaping up well in the final line up and coming close in consideration for the Reserve Challenge


2nd            Marsh’s NEWORDER MR RIPLEY            (Ch Truhart Black Knight x Bonnystaff Atomic Baby)

This guy is taller than the first placed dog, but stylish nevertheless and was much more alert and alive. Of particular note were his depth of brisket and good head proportions; short coupled, he moved well around the ring.

3rd      Classicstaff Knl’s  BORSTAFF THMAN IN BLACK    (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Borstaff Lollapalooza)

A solidly made dog showing strength in body, possibly a wee bit heavier in front than ideal to balance. He carried a good topline and reach of neck but I felt the definition and cleaner lips on the second placed dog were more acceptable


4th            Livingstone’s LIKALOT LEADA OFTHE PACK          (Sparstaff Special Brew - Imp UK x Ch Likalot Blazing Amazon)

Whilst this dog was very appealing behind the shoulders I found his head to be over strong and fleshy, although his dark eyes and his ear carriage were most attractive. Correctly placed shoulders meant that he moved forward with reach and a solid back end drived from the rear


5th             Craig’s ONFIRE FINAL IMPACT                                   (Ch Tykabul Undercover Agent x Ch Onfire Final Cut)

A dog with a good head shape, although longer cast that the other prize winners, he left the ring before I could take any notes



1st     Koendidda Knl’s CH KOENDIDDA UMRUM                                      CHALLENGE DOG, INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW & BEST IN SHOW

(Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Koendidda Manhatten Jazz)


A stunning white dog of excellent balance, so shapely and strong with a perfectly defined head, showing superb pigmentation. He has coal black eyes and nose, beautifully neat ear carriage and width and depth to both his skull and muzzle.  To be super critical his feet could be tighter and he could have slightly more angulation to his back end but his body is honed to perfection, a gun barrel front with heartroom and rib development in abundance. When he moved around the ring he did so with power and precision. In the challenge for Best Dog and again for Best in Show he rose to the occasion – up on his toes, demanding attention.   How could I deny him?  Thank you for the privilege of meeting such a grand dog!



(Baysend Nice One Cyril - UK x Araidh Devils Brew - UK)

The cliché of being unfortunate to meet the class winner holds true here.  On his day I’m sure this beautifully marked brindle dog will give all-comers a run for their money – he is a very good study of a masculine Stafford.  With strength in his head and body, he has solid, round bone, depth through his brisket and a short coupling.  Despite having a thumping back end, unfortunately he moved very close behind which I fear is accentuated by being moved at a rather slow pace.


3rd Bambach / Tattersall’s CH STAFFBACH BULLET PROOF           (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Borstaff Fanny Fredrika)

Top sized dog of great virtue, he has a tremendous depth to his skull and a superb underjaw.  On the move he held his topline correctly although he is longer cast than ideal.  His feet are rather flat with long toes but his pasterns are strong.  Altogether a dog of good breed type that moved freely


4th    Craig / McClelland’s POWERBILT DARK AGENT                      (Grand Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Kelsinko Sorentos Sister)

Black brindle with white flash on his front, this chap has great substance about him.  Again, a longer cast dog with big, padded feet, nevertheless he has a great reach of neck, well laid shoulders and depth of brisket, a good tuck up and solid back end. I would prefer to see his eye shape rounder to enhance his expression, but the strength of his underjaw is impressive

5th Wolf / Dhu’s OURGANG TMORROW BLONGS TME                    (Grand Ch Boldhart Booker Bates x Ourgang TrueLove N Chaos)

Well built red dog with attractive dark muzzle.  I feel he would give a better expression if his head was cleaner but behind the collar he displays substance and vigour, enabling him to power around the ring


AUST BRED DOG (16, 1 abs)

1st    Frazer’s GRAND CH HIGHBOURNE LUSKIN STAR    (Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike x Grand Ch Highbourne Mummys Pet)

Stylish black brindle powerhouse of a dog – easily the best conditioned dog on the day. He has a very deep through skull with a broad and deep muzzle, very dark eyes and small, neat ears, set just right, however to me the head is just a wee bit too powerful. His well honed body meant that on the move he showed exceptionally well with a particularly good bend of stifle.  His condition is an absolute credit to his owners and something others should strive to attain – in what is after all a beauty contest, muscle tone and condition can make the difference

2nd         Brandrick’s CHABLAKMOR DEVILS DREAM         (Ch Lockstaff Black Venom x Ch Chablakmor Dynamite News)

This black brindle fellow didn’t quite move out so well as the first dog at the death, although he stood his ground. A sound, typy dog with more lift than the class winner, he has well set and carried ears, an adequate depth of brisket, a level topline and decent feet although more forechest would be an advantage. All in all, a very virtuous dog


3rd          Mortimer’s CHABLAKMOR DEVILS ADVOCATE         (Ch Lockstaff Black Venom x Ch Chablakmor Dynamite News)

Interesting to discover this dog is litter brother to the second placed.  He is the heavier dog  of the two, with a fleshier head covering and he didn’t move as soundly coming towards, although he held his topline level.  This guy does have a good depth to his body and more forechest than his littermate, he also has decent feet if a little heavier padding to them

4th             Daelish’s NOVASTAFF BEAMISH RED                         (Ch Satiety Horace Whitesox x Ch Novastaff Nooky Nova)

This red chap is obviously an arch enemy to the class winner, they were very vocal towards each other! A very standard sized dog, sporting adequate bone and with sound body properties, including a fine reach of neck, he doesn’t have quite the strength of head of the dogs in front of him

5th             Strickland’s LINWEST JACK FROST                             (Nuklnoz Vincent Comet x Jehard Last Love)

A heavier set white dog of good proportions who didn’t move so well in front although his rear movement was fine, helped by a sound and solid back end.  Beautifully pigmented, he is fleshy in the head and is down on his pasterns, but has a very good topline


OPEN DOG (15, 2 abs)

This was a strange class in respect of divergence of type, from some quite heavy dogs to those more balanced of standard size


1st         Amos / Sioukas’ CH VERYSHARP PRETTY BOY             RESERVE CHALLENGE DOG

(Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Ch Verysharp The Sorceress)

An excellent size and weight ratio to this lad, he has a super expression, enhanced by great pigmentation.  He has a classic head shape, housing a beautiful mouth, and well laid shoulder placement ensuring that he moves truly when coming forward. A slight criticism, for an adult dog: I would like to see more rib development but he has a grand depth of brisket, adequate forechest, is short coupled and carries a level topline.  His feet are neat and he has a sound rear end that showed when he powered out around the ring with true drive.  In the challenge he just wasn’t quite in the sparkling condition of the Intermediate dog, but nevertheless was well deserving of the Reserve – congratulations and thanks for bringing him!


(Ch Cherabah Ironside x Ch Highbourne Vintage Crop)

I said in my notes that I really liked this brindle dog an awful lot and that at the end of the day the decision was one of nit-picking and his poorer feet made the difference. A sound dog with an excellent expression, level topline, sound thumper of a back end and good tail carriage.  Another from this kennel that is turned out in spanking condition – that really is a compliment to the judge

3rd             Marsh’s GRAND CH JENRANA BLACK MAIL             (Ch Hadjibah Hanky Panky x Grand Ch Rapidire Blade Runner)

Heavier in proportion, this strong, solid lad has depth of skull and strength of underjaw in spades. His dark eyes look straight at you with an honest expression and he stands four square.  His bone is perhaps just a touch heavy and maybe a wee bit of length to his forearm would balance him better, he has a good depth to his brisket, level topline and solid back end, altogether a typy, proud Stafford male.

4th             Lindsey’s CH LINWEST THUNDERSTRUCK                (Nuklnoz Vincent Comet x Jehard Last Love)

Beautifully marked red and white pied male who held his. topline on the move, although he didn’t move so well in front.  He has a very typical expression, a strong back end, finished with a neat whip tail and nice enough feet


5th          Peggie’s CH MISHMAX LITTLE GLADIATOR               (Arlian Little Ace x Lockstaff Lady Midnight)

Black brindle dog of heavier type, thick through the brisket, which makes him look somewhat cloddy in front, he was a good bend of stifle showing great second thigh development.  This chap responded really well to his handler, moving in unison



1st             Hayes’ OURGANG HARRY POTTER                         NEUTER IN SHOW

(Grand Ch Boldhart Booker Bates x Ourgang TrueLove N Chaos)

A smashing coloured, typy brindle fellow with flighty ears. He was longer cast than the second placed dog but had a better stifle angulation, with sufficient bone. He didn’t want to play game at first but settled eventually to move with purpose

2nd           Lynch / Meurs CHERABAH MEET JOE BLACK

(Eastaff Causin Chaos - Imp UK x Knockon Total Eclipse - Imp UK)

Standard sized black brindle lad, shorter backed than class winner and with a good topline and decent head shape.  He lacked strength in his rear and had untidy dentition but certainly did have those lovely neat feet I look for!

3rd             Birkeland’s CH SEINARA BLACK KNIGHT             (Ch Bultusker Gladiator x Fernerahy Winona)

Oldest boy in the class and heftier than the others, this solid dark brindle chap thoroughly enjoyed playing up his young handler! He has plenty of bone and rib and his coat condition was to be commended




BABY PUPPY BITCH  (19, 1 abs)

Again, so hard to choose between these babies – they all have their virtues.  Who knows what the future will hold for them, but lets hope it’s happy!


1st             Austin-Cleary’s TYKABUL CRAZY IN LOVE      BABY PUPPY IN SHOW

(Grand Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Tykabul What Goes Around)

What a pretty baby!  She has a smashing head shape, clean and strong with lovely dark eyes and neat ears. Short in the back with enough forechest at this stage, she has a lovely balance and shows lots of promise.  On the day she was so well behaved – the very best of luck with her for the future!

2nd            Hopkins’ TYKABUL GRAND ROYALE            (Grand Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Tykabul What Goes Around)

My notes say ‘similar bitch’ – not surprising as they are litter sisters!  This one is a wee bit bigger all over and longer cast; she has neat feet and good bone, a typical head shape and a smashing sweep of stifle angulation.  Will be nice to see how these two progress.


3rd             Brindale Kennels BRINDALE SPELLBINDER              (Niatona The Silent Assassin Imp UK x Brindale Wild Spirit)

This baby is giving away a month in age to the two in front of her but nevertheless she is a poppet with many similar qualities and again showing all the promise needed at this age for a bright future.  A lovely all-over shape to her – good luck!

4th             Bonanno & Dale’s CHERABAH BON Y AUR              (Ch Eastaff Ambassador Imp UK x Ch Cherabah Shes So Fine)

Dark brindle baby, another with a lovely shape to her at this stage.  Her ears are slightly heavy but as she finishes teething they will settle no doubt. She has a smashing topline for a baby, so very often at this stage they can be ‘bum high’, and has lovely pigmentation and coat


5th             Lindsey’s STAFFLYTE MINERS GOLD                      (Ch Linwest Thunderstuck x Stafflyte Kaleidascope)

Glorious coloured red and white puppy, beautifully marked and again with a lovely, close coat.  She has plenty of bone and a lovely head shape with jet black eyes and nose. Short enough in coupling her back end shows enough strength at this stage



1st             Frazer’s RAYONNOIRE CANNY BAIRN              MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW

(Takillas Taboo Noir - Imp UK x Ch Knockon Bittersweet - Imp UK)

This puppy was one of the real ‘finds’ of the day for me.  At just six months she is so very stylish, really looking the part with a lovely outline, great topline and back end developing, and a head to die for with excellent ear carriage and expression.  She moved around the ring as though it was her own and gave me no option but to award her first.  Until I got right up to the top classes she was heading for top honours, but I am certain that is only a matter of time.  This would’ve been one to sneak home in my luggage!


2nd            Frazer’s HIGHBOURNE NINE CARAT             (Ch Koendidda Umrum x Ch Highbourne Vintage Crop)

A slightly older puppy, black brindle with a white front and toes, she has a lovely underjaw and strength to her skull.  Her topline wasn’t quite so sound as the first puppy but she has a decent back end and showed herself off well and with confidence.


3rd             Kilby’s LINWEST MIDNIGHT ANGEL               (Ch Koendidda Umrum x Linwest Good Golly)

Glossy brindle and white puppy with a lovely outline.  She carried her topline well and has a great depth of brisket for a baby.  She also has beautiful dark eyes that hold you with her kind expression .

4th             Trimble’s RAYONNOIRE MAD MOLLY            (Takillas Taboo Noir - Imp UK x Ch Knockon Bittersweet - Imp UK)

This one is litter sister to the class winner – a slighter black brindle baby, up on her toes, again with a very smart outline, clean and stylish.  She is slightly straighter in stifle but has lovely forehand angulation.

5th             Stanley’s STANBURY SWEET EMBRACE      (Ch Belleden Devil Ov Orion x Highbourne Precocious)

Sweet brindle bitch with a white front, smaller all over than the others in front of her, but with a clean neat head and a sharp expression.  She is well enough off for bone and has a reasonable bend of stifle but will balance off better when her rib develops to make her back appear shorter

PUPPY BITCH (11,2 abs)

1st Bambach/Tattersall’s STAFFBACH HAKUNA MATATA                        PUPPY IN SHOW

(Cherabah ThDivil InBlack x Borstaff Fanny Fredrika)

A very nice black brindle girlie who fits so well into the standard, displaying excellent balance.  At her age she has everything in the right place and rib, back end and brisket are all developing just as you would hope. A keen, alert expression makes sure you notice her, but the tail could do with a trim!


2nd            McBride’s JOELENA BLACK DAHLIA                 (Borstaff Just Bring It x Borstaff Tiklish Allsort)

Another black brindle baby, with a longer reach of neck than the first place winner and not quite the same strength to her head.  She does have a good back end and moved off really well with her handler.


3rd Amos / Sioukas’ VERYSHARP TOP OF THE POPS     (Eng Ch Barda The Bushranger UK x Ch Verysharp The Sorceress)

A very smart black brindle of standard size who could probably benefit from just a wee bit more of her all over.  She has a lovely expression, a beautiful coat and a steady topline, Today she was very excitable and made her handler work hard for her place.


4th             Stanley’s TORAZAR CHARMED ONE                  (Ch Cherabah Ironside x Ch Playfullblack Misty Moon)

Beautifully marked brindle (you really do have some sumptuous colours!), a finer boned girl showing a smart outline, including her classic bend of stifle, neat whip tail and lovely expression


5th     Strickland’s STAFFEIRA DREAM ABOUT ME            (Ch Linwest Thunderstruck x Danbrajack Aerial)

This bitch is a bigger girl altogether, another glorious brindle, with slightly untidy ears. She does have a deep brisket and great spring of rib. She moved well enough and has a corking expression.



1st      Austin-Cleary’s TYKABUL HIGH MAINTENANCE      (Grand Ch Chablakmor the Renegade x Tykabul Random Hearts)

A very pretty white bitch with a black eye patch, unfortunately she had some sort of hives reaction so her coat was not at its best.  Taking that into account, she still stood her ground looking every inch a typical Stafford female with a very clean smart outline. At this age she still have more brisket to develop and her feet should tighten with exercise but she has a defined head shape and great pigment around her face which sets her expression.


2nd            Mortimer’s CHABLAKMOR REALITY BITES          (Chablakmor Devils Brew x Ch Jeneld Ice Maiden)

This white bitch has her eye patch on the opposite side to the winner, what a pair of bookends!  She has a beautiful expression, very cheeky, although a bit more depth through her top-skull would be of benefit.  In body she has a lovely shape to her, displaying good heart and lung room, rounded ribs and a level topline.


3rd             Byrne/Reid’s CAIRFORD BLIMEY CHARLIE         (Ch Koendidda Umrum x Ch Highbourne Sharpen Up)

A beautifully headed brindle bitch of just twelve months in superb coat condition, she absolutely gleamed.  Her ear carriage is tidy and she has great muzzle depth, but a shorter back would balance her better, maybe when her rib develops further this may be offset. She has a good bend of stifle and a neat whip tail, but on the day she was spooked and didn’t settle to show to her best advantage


4th             Faulks’ BERLSTOCK EMPIRE ROSE                     (Ch Mataroo Warru x Ascalon Cause a Scene)

This darker black brindle has a very pleasing outline, showing a lovely reach of neck and bend of stifle.  She didn’t quite have the strength of head of the dogs placed in front of her, lacking a little in underjaw, but she is nevertheless a tidy bitch, able to stand her own


5th           Long / Korn’s CHABLAKMOR VODKA ON ICE      (Chablakmor Devils Brew x Ch Jeneld Ice Maiden)

My notes say that this white bitch with black head patches is similar to the class winner in style, needing to drop more in brisket but with not quite the depth of skull – an interesting comment, reading back through the critique, bearing in mind that she is actually litter sister to the second placed bitch!  She does however have a good blocky muzzle with strength of underjaw, terrific pigmentation and a sound back end



1st         Osborne’s CH TUSKSTOCK ALL EYEZ ON ME        (Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike x Taroby No Limit)

A typical black brindle bitch of standard size, she has a good depth and width to her skull, noticeable underjaw and a shapely body. Basically, a sound and decent bitch with a better overall balance than the second placed girl.

2nd            Steele’s CH HELLFYRE ICE QUEEN                       (Grand Ch Belleden Red Warrior x Ch Alanaleigh Gogettemate)

This white spotty girl has a correct ear carriage and expression, made all the better by good pigmentation. Although she has a good rib she dips behind the shoulders and is longer coupled than desirable, however she moved with purpose and drive carrying her waggy tail well. 


3rd     Brindale’s CH NIATONA PEOPLE WILL TALK (Imp UK)    (Niatona On A Mission UK x Out And About With Niatona UK)

Black brindle bitch of standard size, this girl is clean of lip with neat ears and a good expression.  I found her to be a fraction heavy in brisket and down on her pasterns but she has a solid rear end and correct tail carriage.  On the day she just wasn’t really animated.


4th             Brown & Ryan’s ANGLICE PURE PRINCESS             (Ch Couloir Snow Storm x Castlestaff Pure Magic)

This bitch is a heavier set girl, pied with a brindle eye patch that gives a most attractive look, she has a good deep and blocky muzzle.  Her body is very shapely, short enough in back if a little straighter in stifle than ideal.


5th             Johnson’s KOENDIDDA ICEE                            (Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Koendidda Manhatten Jazz)

A first rate head on this spotty white bitch with great underjaw, she is very typical of her breed and has a short back and strong back end. Her front is a tad too narrow which meant that on the move she didn’t have the reach and fluidity I was looking for but her rear end movement was fine and she certainly was a happy girl in the ring!


AUST BRED BITCH (14, 1 abs)

This was a lovely class, full of quality girls


1st           Truhart Knls’ TRUHART NIGHT SHADOW                     RES CHALLENGE BITCH & AUST BRED IN SHOW

(Ch Truhart Black Night x Truhart Dark Crystal)

An imposing black brindle lady with a quality headpiece, showing a terrific depth to her skull, clean lips and good ears. She has a stylish outline, immaculate coat and condition and   moved positively around the ring.  In the challenge she was so full of herself I couldn’t fail to not only notice her, but also reward her.

2nd           Austin-Cleary’s TYKABUL WHAT GOES AROUND        (Ch Treasach Paddys Brew x Tykabul Queen O Tarts)

A lighter bitch all over than the class winner with less depth to skull but she has a lovely bend of stifle. She has a good lay of shoulder with a defined tuck up and although her topline appeared to dip when she was stacked it didn’t show on move


3rd       Amos / Sioukas’ CH VERYSHARP REFLECTIONS     (Gr Ch Jenrana Black Mail x Gr Ch Verysharp The Real McCoy)

This black brindle bitch carries a well-shaped head with good ear set and carriage and dark eyes to ensure a great expression.  Carrying ample weight of bone and with a sweeping stifle angulation she is a powerful girl with just not quite as positive movement as the class one and two.


4th             Skuse’s CH CHERABAH AIRS N GRACES              (Ch Eastaff Ambassador Imp UK x Cherabah Classic Edition)

This lady is seven years old and greying a little around the muzzle (like a few of us!). A dark brindle smasher with lovely ear carriage, great bone and substance; she has cracked her tooth - but what the heck?  A bitch like this is always worth consideration in any class and I would have loved to have seen her in her prime.


5th             Lindsey’s LINWEST GOOD GOLLY                          (Ch Satiety Horace Whitesox x Linwest All Fired Up)

This was one of the disappointments of the day for me. On entering the ring she was the cert class winner – a stunning head shape, perfect balance, great strength to her back end, with a sound topline – I loved everything about her! Unfortunately she was recently sheared her canine and her dentition let her down, but I just could not deny her a place in this strong class. Thank you for bringing her out under me – I am very glad to have had the chance to meet her!


OPEN BITCH (25, 2 abs)


(Knockon In Touch - UK x Knockon Effect - UK)

There is just one word needed to describe this beautiful black brindle bitch – class. She is over angulated but that is so easily forgiven as she has the most stunning head with an expression that illustrates perfectly Stafford femininity.  I said in my notes I would be interested to know where she is bred from – now I do know it actually comes as no surprise! Her body has superb shape, with ideal balance and weight of bone, a spot-on front and drop of brisket.  She moved with ease around the ring, her condition and ‘joie de vivre’ showing in every step.  It really wasn’t difficult at all to award her Bitch Challenge.  In the run off for Best in Show she appeared at first to be a little intimidated by the male but settled to give a good account of herself – on the day I just fell for the male charms.


2nd        Marsh / Jennings’ CH JENRANA COCO KABANA  

(Ch Hadjibah Hanky Panky x Gr Ch Rapidfire Blade Runner)

A very well balanced black brindle bitch with a white front, she has a characteristic head that would benefit from having tidier ears.  She stood up well and showed her strength of bone and level topline to a ‘T’.  On the move she scored in back end, a smart bitch of top quality


3rd          Amos / Sioukas’ CH VERYSHARP THE SORCERESS

(Jamarvins High Spirits - Imp UK x Grand Ch Verysharp The Real McCoy)

Smaller bitch altogether but with everything in the right place.  She has an honest expression ensured by her dark eyes, but her head would benefit from more depth to her skull. Plus points for her were her good bone, lovely drop to her brisket and overall  soundness as she moved out


4th          Trimble’s CH STONEHEART HIDE THE HALO               (Ch Truhart Black Night x Ch Doralmar Stone Maiden)

Strong red bitch with white collar and feet, at the top end of the scale, she has an excellent expression, looking even better for her black mask.  A sound, firm body, she responded well to handler and any food on offer!


5th             Frazer’s CH HIGHBOURNE VINTAGE CROP              (Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike x Grand Ch Highbourne Mummys Pet)

A very classy lady this dark brindle bitch scores in head shape with a tremendous strength of underjaw and a strong rear end. She could do with more forechest and has an untidy mouth but she moved in unison with her handler and couldn’t be denied a place in the line up.




1st           Mortimer’s CH CHABLAKMOR RIP SNORTER             (Grand Ch The Ulster Immigrant - Imp UK x Ch Chablakmor Wild Violet)

Black brindle girl on the top side of the standard, but, nevertheless everything in the right place, she has a strong headpiece with neat ear carriage and excellent weight of bone.  All in all a very nice type bitch


2nd            Parsons’ JETTBLAK JUSTICE                                       (Grand Ch The Ulster Immigrant - Imp UK x Cherabah Sooty Sue)

Another solid woman, this one with heavier ears than the first placed bitch, but she has a strong muzzle, decent feet and her coat is in gleaming condition


3rd             Wolf’s OURGANG TRUELOVE N CHAOS                      (Ourgang CallnThe KetlBlac x Ourgang Truly Madly Deeply)

A smaller roly-poly red bitch with imploring, expressive eyes, she has a deep through head, dark muzzle and a short, strong neck. Her front is narrower hindering her heart-room but she trotted happily around the ring


4th             Brooks’ CH HAVASTAFF STELLA SEDGLEY                 (Willstone Red Warrior x Ch Havastaff Fancy Pants)

This lady was always alert and interested in proceedings. Lacking in stop and general strength of head, she has lovely dark eyes and a rich brindle coat colour.



Lesley McFadyen

ARAIDH Staffordshire Bull Terriers




1. Wolf’s Ourgang TrueLove N Chaos                (Ourgang Callnthe KetlBlac x Ourgang Truly Madly Deeply)

2. Lynch & Meur’s Cherabah Meet Joe Black     (Eastaff Causin Chaos - Imp UK x Knockon Total Eclipse - Imp UK)

3. Birkeland’s Ch Seinara Black Knight              (Ch Bultusker Gladiator x Fernerahy Winona)



Brindale Kennel’s Niatona The Silent Assassin (Imp UK)     (Baysend Nice One Cyril UK x Araidh Devils Brew UK)


Brown & Ryan’s Ch Couloir Snow Storm                                (Jockhaven Marauder x Couloir Surya)


Byrne & Reid’s Ch Tanaros Superglide                                   (Ch Ramshire Simply Super - Imp UK x Ch Pitstaff Xandoria)


Long / Korn’s Chablakmor Vodka On Ice                                   (Chablakmor Devils Brew x Ch Jeneld Ice Maiden)


Lindsey’s Ch Linwest Thunderstruck                                       (Nuklnoz Vincent Comet x Jehard Last Love)


Byrne & Reid’s Cairford Tell No Lies                                        (Ch Koendidda Umrum x Ch Highbourne Sharpen Up)


Wolf’s Ourgang TrueLove N Chaos                                         (Ourgang Callnthe KetlBlac x Ourgang Truly Madly Deeply)


Amos & Sioukas’ Ch Verysharp Pretty Boy                              (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic – Imp UK x Ch Verysharp The Sorceress)