6th Championship Show - 18/04/04

Mr Paul Stanway (Waystaff Staffords) - UK


Entry: 262  + 11 Desexed Sweepstakes 

BABY PUPPY DOG (15, 2 abs) judged by Mrs Juanita Crawford - RSA

1st        Lynch’s TRIFFSTAFF COMN ON STRONG        (Ch Borstaff Snedrick Crumbb x Ch Triffstaff Polly Woffle)

A classy puppy, who was the easy winner of this class for me. Better rear angulation and shorter coupling than the 2nd placed dog.


2nd       Szirer’s BORSTAFF HAROLD HARDRADA        (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Borstaff Lollapalooza)

Beat the 3rd place on cleanness of head and better forequarter angulation.

3rd        Baxter’s BOLDHART NAPPY OLLINGTON         (Ch Steaminstaff Madkins Magee x Ch Boldhart Just One Dot)

Beat the 4th place on shortness of coupling and better topline on the move.

4th        Faulks’ BERLSTOCK EXTRA ATTITUDE            (Ch Mataroo Warru x Ascalon Cause a Scene)

Beat the 5th place on strength of rear and neater ears.

5th        Faulks’ BERLSTOCK EYES WIDE SHUT           (Ch Mataroo Warru x Ascalon Cause A Scene)



1. Brindale Knls  NIATONA THE SILENT ASSASSIN - Imp UK                      MINOR IN SHOW

(Baysend Nice One Cyril - UK x Araidh Devils Brew - UK)

Dark brindle.  Very mature for one so young.  A little much for me at this stage, but his overall virtues got him this class easily.  Excellent head shape with a keen, alert expression which did not fade through the class.  Straight front, ribcage OK for age.  Strong, well-angulated hind quarters.  Moved OK for a big baby.  After judging these first two classes, the day boded well. 


2.          Sibraa’s  TONKARTIN REV EM UP                           (Ch Jamelkur All Revvd Up x Midniteamour Cleopatra)

Dark brindle.  Another nice pup.  Would have preferred a darker eye & smaller ears,

but very sound which secured him his placing.


3. Pratt’s PRATTSTAFF YOUR ZENITH                        (Ch Highbourne Baryshnikov x Pitshaft Prattstaffs Ace - Imp NZ)

4. Holohan’s LINWEST BACK IN BLACK                      (Grand Ch Jenrana Black Mail x Jehard Last Love)

5. McGlashen’s CASTLESTAFF MISCHIEF MAN      (Gr,Eng,Ir Ch Cumhil Little Mischief - Imp Ire x Ch Castlestaff Miss Magic)


PUPPY DOG (12, 2 abs):

1.          Amos / Sioukas’  VERYSHARP PRETTY BOY          (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Ch Verysharp Reflections)

Black brindle of good size.  Quality pup.  Nice headshape, neat ears, straight front, good topline, rear angulation correct.  Excels in type.  Movement was OK.  A very nice puppy.

 2.          Shaw’s   BELLEDEN DEVIL OV ORION                     (Ch Cherabah Ironside x Warree She Devil)

Brindle white pied.  Another very nice dog.  Very good head shape, straight front, strong hindquarters, level topline & movement OK. Just preferred the overall balance of No. 1 at the moment.  Two nice pups in a strong class - well done both.

3. McCoy’s POWERBILT BILLY BOB                              (Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Kelsinko Sorentos Sister)

4. Gardner / Martin’s STAFFSTRUCK HIGH VELOCITY   (Mobland the Crusader x Staffstruck Daydreamaley)

5. Craig’s POWERBILT DARK AGENT                            (Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Kelsinko Sorentos Sister)


JUNIOR DOG  (10, 2 abs):

1.          Schintler’s  JEOLENA MIXANDMAX                


Very impressive Red dog.  Scored very highly on type.  Very good headshape, round eye, neat ears, strong underjaw, well pronounced cheek muscles and a very good expression.  Straight well-boned front, level topline, well sprung rib with the correct depth of brisket.  Strong hindquarters, moved very well indeed and held his topline.  He pleased me from every angle - nothing to complain about here.   CC & BOB.  Shocked to find it was his first.


2.         Bambach / Tattersall’s  STAFFBACH BULLETPROOF      (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic x Borstaff Fanny Fredrika)

Black brindle.  Another who impressed me very much.  Has it all, just lost out to winner on movement.  Just needs to find correct pace to enhance his movement.  Structurally sound, so no reason why he shouldn't move very well.  Good luck in the future.

3. Lane’s CHERABAH THDIVIL INBLACK           (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Knockon Total Eclipse - UK)

4. Walsh’s KYPAJUKA SON OF A CRUMBB             (Ch Borstaff Snedrick Crumbb x Tribalstaff Goldeen)

5. Bolton / Turner’s SMYLINSTAFF BAK IN BLACK   (Ch Pitford Turok Warrior x Ch Smylinstaff Abbey Rose)


INTERMEDIATE DOG  (25, 3 abs):


(Eng Ch Knockon Dance With The Divil - UK x Takilla Taboo - UK)

Black brindle.  Another very good looking dog, in fact some very nice dogs in this class.  Excellent headshape, neat ears, wicked expression.  Topline OK, well sprung ribcage.  Strong hindquarters.  Would have preferred slightly better movement.  A dog in the best of condition which enabled him to take this class.  His feet nearly cost him the class.  Very close decision.

 2.         Wylie’s  GECANE JUST BY CHANCE                        (Grand Ch Rocellio Royal Dandy - Imp UK x Ch Tess the Tyrant - UK)

Fawn Dog.  Good headshape, straight front, level topline.  Moved quite well.  A good size.  A picture of overall balance.  As mentioned above, very close.

3. Trimble’s STONEHEART ONE EYED JACK              (Ch Powerpaws Beyond The Law x Stoneheart Bonny McGinty)

4. Lindsey’s LINWEST JACK FROST                            (Nuklnoz Vincent Comet x Jehard Last Love)

5. Koendidda Knls’s KOENDIDDA UMRUM                   (Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Koendidda Manhatten Jazz)



1.        Cairns / Hanley’s  CH LOCKSTAFF BLACK VENOM  (Ch Truhart Black Night x Lockstaff Demon Girl)            


A very upstanding black brindle in the pink of condition.  Excellent head shape, neat ears, well-pronounced cheek muscles, straight front, topline OK.  Strong well-angulated hindquarters.  Moved very well, handled to perfection.  A very striking dog who cannot be ignored.  Pleased to award him the RCC.

 2.         Szirer’s  CH BORSTAFF SNEDRICK CRUMBB         (Ch Cherabah Ironside x Borstaff Hazel Hairbrush)

Another dog who I liked very much.  Very impressive sort.  Brindle with the best of heads - strong without any hint of coarseness.  Excels in underjaw.  Straight front, good topline, well sprung rib.  Just preferred angulation on winner - slightly better.  Very nice dog.  Two very worthy champions.

3. Murray’s CH ORAZZ FATALIC                                   (Ch Orazz Dalesman x Ch Blakjax Terk)

4. Butcher’s CH PICKAXE WHITE FIRE                        (Ch Myarestaff Apatchy Joe x Ch Myarestaff Red Madonna)

5. Frazer’s CH HIGHBOURNE BARYSHNIKOV             (Ch Cherabah Ironside x Ch Highbourne Vintage Crop)


OPEN DOG (21, 3 abs):

1.         Marsh’s  GRAND CH JENRANA BLACK MAIL            (Ch Hadjibah Hanky Panky x Grand Ch Rapidfire Blade Runner)

Black brindle of good size and overall quality.  Very good head shape, neat ears, strong underjaw.  Straight, well-boned front, correct brisket and ribcage.  Held his topline while he moved well.  A showman and another worthy champion.

2.          Peggie’s  CH MISHMAX LITTLE GLADIATOR            (Arlian Little Ace x Lockstaff Lady Midnight)

Black brindle of similar make and shape as No. 1.  Same attributes apply, except winner moved slightly better, and a fitter dog which split these two.

3. Dart’s  CH VAGASTAFF HIGH N MIGHTY                  (Ch Waurstafford Prize Lad x Waurstafford Tanas Honey)

4. Ascalon Knls’ ASCALON EDGED IN BLACK               (Ch Lockstaff Black Venom x Ascalon Cause to Gossip)

5. Shaw’s  GRAND CH BELLEDEN RED WARRIOR      (Ch Warree Red Wallace x Warree She Devil)




BABY PUPPY BITCH (28, 2 abs) judged by Mrs Juanita Crawford - RSA

What a lovely class of babies – lots of winners here for the future!

1st         Kilby’s LINWEST ROSES ARE RED        (Ch Linwest Thunderstruck x Johnokyoto Ruby Rose)           BABY PUPPY IN SHOW

A stunning baby. Beat the 2nd place on forequarter angulation and shortness of coupling.

2nd        Jennings’ JENRANA SNOW QUEEN                      (Jenrana You’ve Got Male x Jenrana Make It Happen)

Beat the 3rd place on strength of bone and neater feet.

3rd         Tattersall’s TUSKSTOCK SHAGGYS ANGEL        (Ch Tuskstock It Wasn’t Me x Taroby Back in Black)

Beat the 4th place on shortness of coupling and bluntness of muzzle.

4th         Morse’s LAPWING QUICKSILVER QUEEN            (Ch Mishmax Little Gladiator x Diamondstaff Jasmin)

Beat the 5th place on rear angulation and a better tail.

5th         Gardner & Martin’s STAFFSTRUCK SHE DEVIL    (Ch Almawill Under Pressure x Staffstuck Daydreamaley)


MINOR PUPPY BITCH (14, 1 abs):

1.         McGlashen’s  CASTLESTAFF MISS MISCHIEF   (Grand,Eng,Ir Ch Cumhil Little Mischief - Imp Ire x Ch Castlestaff Miss Magic)

Red & White bitch.  Very mature - a little too much for me at this stage.  Very good head shape, bit of a lazy ear, good front with a level topline.  Angulation OK.  Won this class on overall soundness.  A nice bitch who should do well in later classes.  Well done.

2.         Dunley’s  RAWEDGE PAINTED BLACK                (Ch Hadjibah High Voltage x Janscoma Sissys Princess)

Black brindle.  Nice feminine head.  Straight front.  Held her topline, hindquarters OK.  Another very nice puppy.  Did well to secure her placing in a very strong class.

3. Holman’s BOROLO SWEET DECEPTION            (Ch Borolo Rainmaker x Ch Borolo Rockabye)

4. Brindale Knls’  NIATONA PEOPLE WILL TALK - Imp UK     (Niatona On a Mission - UK x Out and About at Niatona - UK)

5. Bolton & Turner’s SMYLINSTAFF LIL RIPPER     (Grand Ch Belleden Red Warrior x Smylinstaff Reminiscing)


PUPPY BITCH (14, 1 abs): 

I enjoyed judging this class, quite a number of quality bitches here which augers well for the breed.

1.           Butcher’s  WARBRED COPPERHEAD ROSE       (Whiptail Apollo - Imp UK x Staffme Wazzas Girl)      PUPPY IN SHOW

A deep red - full of mischief, excellent head, round eyes, strength throughout.  A bitch who follows you round the ring.  Straight front, good topline, good angulation.  A bitch who I can only describe as full of virtues.  With a little more maturity she would have been strongly considered in the challenges for CC & RCC.  Good luck in the future.   Best Puppy.

2.           Fry / Pleydell-Fry  REEWYN MY HEARTS DESIRE    (Novastaff Beamish Red x Borstaff Bumblebee)

Another top quality bitch.  Head coming along nicely.  A baby who is a little shy at the moment, but secured her place with overall type, soundess and virtues.  I predict a number of BIS winners in this class.

3. Yavion’s WIRONASTAFF JUST ASK ME              (Tykabul Vantage Point x Wironastaff Drama Queen)

4. Jones’ TITLESTAFF DARK ROSE                         (Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Titlestaff Tiger Lily)

5. Wolf’s OURGANG QUEEN MOUSSETTE             (Ch Keltarjess Darcy Blue x Ourgang Put The Ketl On)


JUNIOR BITCH (17, 3 abs):

1. Steele’s  HELLFYRE ICE QUEEN          (Grand Ch Belleden Red Warrior x Ch Alanaleigh Gogettemate)     RESERVE BITCH

A very impressive white bitch who has excellent head properties.  Eyes, teeth, ears, muzzle very feminine.  She looks like a bitch.  Straight front, good topline, strong well-angulated hindquarter.  Moves OK.  Handler tends to move her at a fair rate of knots, causing her body to lengthen as she tries to keep up.   Slow her down, find her pace and stick to it. RCC - ran winner very close.  Excellent bitch.

2.            Smith’s  NUKLNOZ DUCATI MONSTER            (Sparstaff Special Brew - Imp UK x Ch Nuklnoz Ducati Imola)

Black brindle - another nice bitch who just lacks the animation of winner.  However, a lovely head shape, straight front, level topline, strong hindquarters.  A very nice bitch who could just do with enjoying it a touch more.

3. Lane’s STAFFBACH I SAID SO                          (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Borstaff Fanny Fredrika)

4. Lane’s CHERABAH THDIVIL INDISGIS              (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Knockon Total Eclipse - Imp UK)

5. Wolf’s OURGANG MISGUIDED ANGEL             (Grand Ch Boldhart Booker Bates x Ourgang TrueLove N Chaos)


INTERMEDIATE BITCH (27, 4 abs):  A very good class once again.

1.           Shaw’s  HOTROX HOOCHIE MUMMA                (Grand Ch Belleden Red Warrior x Borstaff Charlotte Lush)

Brindle bitch of a smaller stature than most, who grew on me as the class went on and equally impressed me as I went over her.  So very sound throughout - very nice feminine head with strength, neat ears, round eyes, straight well-boned forequarters.  Level top-line, strong well-angulated hindquarters, an excellent bitch full of quality who should never be discounted because of size.  Her abundance of virtues allowed her to take the biggest class of the day.  Well done.

2.           Marsh / Jennings  JENRANA COCO KABANA     (Grand Ch Jenrana Black Mail x Ch Rapidfire Bewitched)

Black bitch of a larger proportions.  Strong head with clean muzzle, neat ears, straight front, level topline, angulation OK.  A very nice bitch who just lost out to a bitch with quality in abundance.

3. Johnson’s KOENDIDDA ICEE                              (Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Koendidda Manhatten Jazz)

4. Jones’  CH TITLESTAFF TIGER LILY                  (Ch Staffmasta Full Monty x Titlestaff Angels Fury)

5. Norris’ CHANDABELLA DESTNYS CHILD           (Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Chandabella Chantille)



1.           Raymond’s  WARBRED IRISH ROSE                  (Tuskalear Snow Legend x Staffme Wazzas Girl)        AUS BRED IN SHOW

Fawn and white who impressed me greatly.  Just lost out in the challenges on condition and that is it.  Everything else flowed.  An excellent head, strength with feminity.  Nice ears, gun barrel front, correct depth of brisket, well-sprung ribcage.  Topline OK.  Strong well-angulated hindquarters.  Moved OK.  A cracking bitch, a few I would like to take home and this is one of them.  Thank you.

2.          Trimble’s  STONEHEART HIDE THE HALO         (Ch Truhart Black Night x Ch Doralmar Stone Maiden)

Red bitch of very nice type, who lost out in the head department to winner.  Not poor in any way, just the winner excels.  Nice straight front.  Hindquarters OK.  A nice bitch, also a bitch who moves quite well when viewed from above a very nice picture appears.

3. Appleby’s QUARRYBANK CHANCES ARE         (Ch Leatherwood Daredevil x Ch Cherabah Airs N Graces)

4. Lindsey’s LINWEST GOOD GOLLY                     (Ch Satiety Horace Whitesox x Linwest All Fired Up)

5. Szirer’s BORSTAFF LOLLAPALOOZA                 (Zedistaff Apache Lad x Borstaff Hazel Hairbrush)


OPEN BITCH (22, 4 abs):


(Ch Hadjibah Hanky Panky x Grand Ch Rapidfire Blade Runner)

A cracking black and white.  A real prima donna.  Handled very well and both in tune.  Cracking head shape, excellent straight well-boned front.  Neat ears, wicked expression.  Alert at all times.  Topline held on the move.  Moves quite well although at a very brisk pace - but she gets away with it, taking it all in her stride.  A very impressive bitch of a nice size and full of quality.  Tried to get her beat by her challengers, but could not deny her the CC.  Well done, and good luck.

2.           Evans  KNOCKON BITTER SWEET - Imp UK          (Knockon In Touch - UK x Knockon Effect - UK)

Black brindle of obvious qualities.  Headshape of the best, would just prefer a shade more behind the collar when viewed from above.  But yet again, a very impressive bitch who should gain her title with ease.  Quality.

3. Shepherd’s CH WESTBRED ACID QUEEN             (Carcoarian Curlys Ghost x Ch Online Bundeena)

4. Ross’ CH SWANKY XTRA GROOVY                       (Swanky Lucky Chuckie x Swanky Snowhite)

5. Pearce’s LINWEST SUNNI                                       (Nuklnoz Vincent Comet x Jehard Last Love)





1. Mortimer’s CH CHABLAKMOR RIP SNORTER        (Grand Ch The Ulster Immigrant - Imp UK x Ch Chablakmor Wild Violet)

2. Oats’ CH BOLDHART WITCHES BRITCHES           (Ch Pitstaff Soothsayer x Ch Boldhart Bobby Dazzler)

3. Fleet’s PURRARUMBA POLL                                    (Ch Iowerliea Custom x Geordypride Rileys Lass)