5th Championship Show - 17/04/04

Mrs Juanita Crawford (Crossbow) - RSA

266 entries, 22 absentees, 244 exhibited (excluding Veterans Sweepstakes)


It was a great honour to be invited to judge the Club’s 5th Championship Show. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was most impressed by the extremely high quality of Staffords currently being exhibited in Australia. Thank you to all the exhibitors for their sportsmanship and for giving me the opportunity of judging their dogs. I was very well taken care of before and after the show and a big thank you goes to those people involved, but most especially to Sandi & Glenn Consadine who are top class hosts and great fun to spend time with too. The advance 40th birthday celebration and cakes for Paul Stanway and myself was a super surprise – special thanks for that!


The venue was lovely with the ring size being ample and the show surface well maintained. Australia is very lucky in the way you have permanent show venues and it is a pleasure to be able to visit and judge at your venues. Extra thanks to my steward and marshalls for a wonderful job done and managing to keep such large classes in excellent order – it is a thankless task they do and I admire anyone that takes on jobs of this kind.


In my critiques I do not write detailed descriptions of each placed dog – what is the point? You know what your own dog looks like! Instead, I write the reasons for my placements – but it is always important to remember, "Another judge, another result!" As you will see from my placings there are certain things that are more important to me than others, as is the case with any judge. I do not like excess flesh and loose skin. I do not like a weak underjaw. I do not like exaggeration, nor do I like poor movement lacking in drive from the rear. I do like good heads, level toplines, and correctly angulated fronts and hindquarters. I do like good, fit condition. I do like balanced, virtuous, bold-moving dogs to the exclusion of merely correct dogs.


I write with the intention of offering practical comment – and since I am straight out with my opinion and ruthless at that, I hope you will take this critique in the spirit in which it is intended – as constructive criticism. I short-listed in most of the classes, and I must point out that the dogs that I short-listed I rated as excellent – so even the many that went unplaced I admired greatly. It is an absolute pleasure to judge such a great number of high quality Staffords.


Overall, the quality of the entry has improved since I last judged in Australia (1999) showing better movement, better toplines and fewer bite faults. As appears to be the case in most of the countries where Staffords are regularly exhibited, there was a noticeable percentage of the exhibits who were “over the top”. Some were either carrying too much bulk, or were overdone in the front quarter and tapering to the hind which makes them unbalanced. This global problem is worrying in the Breed and is something we breeders need to pay more attention to. It is no good breeding towards what is fashionable as far as all-rounder judges are concerned – it is our responsibility as custodians of the Breed to make sure we stick as close to the Standard as possible.


Although I picked up fewer bite problems than I did 5 years ago, close attention still needs to be paid to underjaws and teeth. Apart from the Baby Puppy classes, there were 16 exhibits presented to me with converging canines (one or both), whilst perhaps 30% of the exhibits had missing premolars and there were a lot of undersized teeth evident. My belief is that this is a serious problem in the Breed because it is indicative of the entire underjaw structure being incorrect. If we continue to allow underjaws to become weaker and weaker, the entire head shape will eventually change into something completely alien to the Breed.


In my opinion, the first sign of the underjaw weakening are these particular teeth problems – converging canines, thin, weak and small teeth, and missing teeth. I have been making a point of studying dogs with converging canines in recent times and, with only 1 exception, all cases of converging canines that I have seen are coupled with missing premolars. Having seen this in the UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Sweden, I am convinced that the Breed as a whole needs attention in this problem area.


Eyes were generally to the Standard but there were several exhibits with light eyes and eyes that were not the correct round shape. Ears were generally adequate but there were a few with thick, heavy, almost pendulous ears that are most unattractive in a Stafford. I did come across one exhibit with glued ears in the ring. Regardless of whether or not your dog’s ears are all over the place because he is still very young, never present a dog with glued ears to a judge – it will cost you.


There were some bad fronts – mainly due to being upright at the shoulder – as well as some straightness in the rear evident. Some were rather lacking in hindquarter development (depth and width of muscle) – and quite a number of these were obviously not exercised very much, so significant improvement could be obtained with a little more activity and effort to achieve proper fitness levels.


Generally movement was excellent – the best I’ve seen in the world in general terms. A good proportion of the entry showed proper drive and reach from the rear, whilst still maintaining a level topline – well done! However, some exhibits fell away strongly off the croup so they had no hope of moving with discernible drive from the hindquarters. Tails were generally good with the correct pump handle shape although there were some rather short tails on view. Some tails were quite bushy and would look much better properly trimmed for the show ring.


Spring of rib could be better in quite a number of exhibits, as could length of coupling. Coats and pigmentation were mostly good. Feet were generally well padded, strong and correctly shaped. Quite a number of the reds had pale nails and light eyes – a red should have black nails and eyes as dark as possible.


Toplines – this seems to be problem in the Breed everywhere, but I do think the Australian Staffords have the best toplines in the world at this stage – well done again for achieving a good percentage of correctness in this area.

A large amount of the exhibits were presented in good condition and were well groomed and pleasurable to the touch. As I said above, fitness could be better however, and a slight increase in the exercise regime would not go amiss for some.


Handling in Australia is a pleasure to watch – your professionalism, high standard of show training for your dogs, smart clothing and expertise in the ring leaves many countries standing cold. Keep it up!


Thank you for giving me the privilege of judging your dogs, each and every one of you.


© Mrs Juanita Crawford

BABY PUPPY DOG (14, 1 abs):  Judged by Mr Paul Stanway—UK

1st        Austin-Cleary’s  BOLDMORE BRUCE ALMIGHTY         (Tykabul Vantage Point x Boldmore Big Dreams)          BABY IN SHOW

Black brindle with white.  Very mature, upstanding puppy.  Very well shaped head with strength throughout for one so young.  Forequarters a little loose at the moment, well sprung ribcage.  Topline OK.  Strong well-angulated hindquarters, pigmentation very good.  Moved OK - handled to the hilt.  A surefire winner in the future.

2nd        Lynch’s  TRIFFSTAFF COMN ON STRONG                 (Ch Borstaff Snedrick Crumbb x Ch Triffstaff Polly Woffle)

Brindle.  Not quite as mature as winner.  Very well proportioned throughout.  Gained his placing in this class quite easily with his overall type, soundness and many virtues.  These two pups should go far.

3rd         Peggie’s ROCKALODGE BOBBI MAGEE                      (Ch Steaminstaff Madkins Magee x Ch Boldhart Truly Scrumchs)

4th         Faulks’ BERLSTOCK EYES WIDE SHUT                      (Ch Mataroo Warru x Ascalon Edged In Black)

5th         Baxter’s BOLDHART NAPPY OLLINGTON                    (Ch Steaminstaff Madkins Magee x Ch Boldhart Just One Dot)



1st        Holohan’s LINWEST BACK IN BLACK             (Grand Ch Jenrana Black Male x Jehard Last Love)

A good puppy although a little on the big side for me but easy winner of the class. Beat the 2nd place on rear  movement, topline, tail set and strength of underjaw.

2nd       Sibraa’s TONKARTIN REV EM UP                  (Ch Jamelkur All Revvd Up x Midniteaamour Cleopatra)

Beat the 3rd place particularly on movement, as well as topline and shortness of coupling. Darker eye than 1st place.

3rd        Brindale Kennels’ NIATONA THE SILENT ASSASSIN - Imp UK         (Baysend Nice one Cyril - UK x Araidh Devils Brew - UK)

Beat the 4th place on head shape and showmanship. Cleaner head and stronger underjaw than the 2nd place.

4th        Pratt’s PRATTSTAFF YOUR ZENITH                (Ch Highbourne Baryshnikov x Pitshaft Prattstaffs Ace - Imp NZ)

Beat the 5th place on overall balance, size and shortness of coupling.

5th        Morse’s NIATONA ALL REVVED UP - Imp UK       (Niatona On a Mission - UK x Out and About with Niatona - UK)


PUPPY DOG (12, 1 abs) - A super class of puppy dogs.

1st        Bawden’s JAMELKUR ALL TORQUE          (Sparstaff Special Brew - Imp UK x Ch Jamelkur Shoin Shine)

An excellent puppy, also the easy winner of his class. Beat the 2nd place on overall balance, forequarter angulation, strength of bone and head shape.

2nd       McCoy’s POWERBILT BILLY BOB               (Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Kelsinko Sorentos Sister)

Beat the 3rd place on rear movement, spring of rib and strength of head. Better tail set & eye colour than 1st  place.

3rd        Shaw’s BELLEDEN DEVIL OV ORION         (Ch Cherabah Ironside x Warree She Devil)

Beat the 4th place on movement and overall substance.

4th       Amos & Sioukas’ VERYSHARP PRETTY BOY        (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Ch Verysharp Reflections)

Beat the 5th place on topline, rear angulation and bluntness of muzzle.

5th       Shepherd’s WESTBRED LIMITED EDITION            (Ch Gamester Street Machine x Ch Westbred Acid Queen)


JUNIOR DOG (10, 1 abs)

1st        Schintler’s JEOLENA MIXANDMAX                 (Ch Borstaff Snedrick Crumbb x Jeolena Sians Delight)       JUNIOR IN SHOW

A lovely dog. Beat the 2nd place on movement, head shape, bluntness of muzzle, length of coupling and overall size.

2nd       Walsh’s KYPAJUKA SON OF A CRUMBB       (Ch Borstaff Snedrick Crumbb x Tribalstaff Goldeen)

Beat the 3rd place on topline, substance and eye colour.

3rd        Sing’s CHERABAH DIVILS ADVOCATE          (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Knockon Total Eclipse - Imp UK)

4th        Bambach & Tattersall’s STAFFBACH BULLET PROOF       (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Borstaff Fanny Fredrika)

Beat the 5th place on head shape, bluntness of muzzle and shoulder angulation.

5th        Lane’s CHERABAH THDIVIL NBLACK             (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Knockon Total Eclipse - Imp UK)


INTERMEDIATE DOG (26, 1 abs) - A fabulous class of dogs.


(Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Koendidda Manhatten Jazz)

A simply gorgeous dog. Beat the 2nd place dog on eye colour, overall squareness of the head and thinness of the ears. One of the best movers of the day with a perfect topline. Presented in superb condition and handled to perfection. Only just lost out on the Challenge due to strength of rear musculation and depth of underjaw.

2nd        Lindsey’s LINWEST JACK FROST              (Nuklnoz Vincent Comet x Jehard Last Love)

Another gorgeous dog. Beat the 3rd place on movement, topline and shortness of coupling. Another great mover with a super topline.

3rd        Evans’ TAKILLA TABOO NOIR - Imp UK       (Eng Ch Knockon Dance with The Divil - UK x Takilla Taboo - UK)

Beat the 4th place on bluntness of muzzle, topline and fitness.

4th        Sladdin’s CHABLAKMOR DEVILS BREW      (Ch Lockstaff Black Venom x Chablakmor Dynamite News)

Beat the 5th place on cleanness about the head.

5th        Trimble’s STONEHEART ONE EYE JACK     (Ch Powerpaws Beyond The Law x Stoneheart Bonny McGinty)


AUSTRALIAN BRED DOG (25, 1 abs) - Another excellent class of dogs.

1st         Szirer’s CH BORSTAFF SNEDRICK CRUMBB         (Ch Cherabah Ironside x Borstaff Hazel Hairbrush)

A lovely dog that beat the 2nd place on overall head shape, drive from the rear and better forequarter angulation. A serious contender in the Challenge line-up.

2nd        Tattersall’s CH TAROBY UNRIVALLED            (Taroby Loggers Mate x Ch Taroby Palatial)

Beat the 3rd dog on strength of bone, overall substance and movement.

3rd        Frazer’s HIGHBOURNE BARYSHNIKOV          (Ch Cherabah Ironside x Ch Highbourne Vintage Crop)

Beat the 4th dog on shortness of coupling, fitness and cleanness about the head.

4th        Cairns & Hanley’s CH LOCKSTAFF BLACK VENOM       (Ch Truhart Black Night x Lockstaff Demon Girl)

Beat the 5th place on strength in the rear and movement.

5th        Butcher’s CH PICKAXE WHITE FIRE                 (Ch Myarestaff Apatchy Joe x Ch Myarestaff Red Madonna)


OPEN DOG (21, 1 abs) - A lovely class.

1st         Lindsey’s CH LINWEST THUNDERSTRUCK          (Nuklnoz Vincent Comet x Jehard Last Love)               CHALLENGE DOG

A superb dog, easy winner of the class. Beat the 2nd place on rear drive, bluntness of muzzle, size and condition of teeth, strength of loin and overall substance. Super movement showing plenty of drive from the rear whilst keeping his topline level. Beat the Reserve Challenge dog on rear musculation and strength of underjaw. Lost out to the Challenge and Reserve Challenge Bitches on forequarter angulation in the Best In Show Challenge.

2nd        Frazer’s GRAND CH HIGHBOURNE LUSKIN STAR     (Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike x Grand Ch Highbourne Mummys Pet)

Another very good dog. Better forequarter angulation than the 1st place. Beat the 2nd place on pigmentation, darker eye, topline on the move and overall fitness.

3rd        Dunley’s CH NOVASTAFF FEROL ERROL                (Ch Solidrock In Like Flin x Ch Novastaff Nooky Nova)

Beat the 4th place on cleanness about the head, tidiness and size of ears.

4th        Mortimer’s CHABLAKMOR PRIVATE RYAN               (Jamarvins High Spirits - Imp UK x Ch Chablakmor Rip Snorta)

Beat the 5th place on overall substance, strength of underjaw and size of teeth.

5th        Shaw’s GRAND CH BELLEDEN RED WARRIOR       (Ch Warree Red Wallace x Warree She Devil)



BABY PUPPY BITCH  (28 - 4 abs)

1st       Marsh  NEWORDER BLACK OLIVE                          (Ch Truhart Black Night x Bonnystaff Atomic Baby)

Black Brindle.  Very neat throughout - would benefit being shown off a bit more positively.  Excellent head shape, straight well-boned forequarters.  Topline very good, short coupled, strong hindquarters.  Just needs to keep maturing.  Would not change a thing at the moment.  Good luck in the future.

 2nd      Gardner / Martin  STAFFSTRUCK SHE DEVIL           (Ch Almawill Under Pressure x Staffstruck Daydreamaley)

Lovely brindle with white.  Head shape of the very best.  Round Eye, clean strong muzzle, neat ears, straight front, good topline, strong hindquarters for one so young.  Very close decision - just lost out to a more mature bitch.  Liked them both a lot! 

3rd        Jennings’ JENRANA SNOW QUEEN                         (Jenrana You’ve Got Male x Jenrana Make It Happen)

4th        Brooks’ BROOKSHIRE THE MATRON                       (Willspride Cockney Rebel x Willspride Walsall Wench)

5th        Brandrick’s TOTHEMAX VOODOO DOLL                  (Whobedat Upto Scratch x Tothemax Karizmatic)


MINOR PUPPY BITCH (14) - A good class.

1st        Bolton & Turner’s SMYLINSTAFF LIL RIPPER     (Grand Ch Belleden Red Warrior x Smylinstaff Reminiscing)     MINOR IN SHOW

Beat the 2nd place on forequarter angulation and topline.

2nd       Jennings’ JENRANA EMBER ANICE                        (Ch Jenrana Acid Rain x Ch Jenrana Ebony AnIvory)

Beat the 3rd place on shortness of coupling and better depth of rear quarter musculation.

3rd       Brindale Kennels’ NIATONA PEOPLE WILL TALK - Imp UK     (Niatona On a Mission - UK x Out and About with Niatona - UK)

Beat the 4th place on neatness of ears and overall size.

4th       McGlashen’s CASTLESTAFF MISS MISCHIEF        (Grand, Eng & Ir Ch Cumhil Little Mischief - Imp Ire x Ch Castlestaff Miss Magic)

Beat the 5th place on cleanness about the head and shorter coupling.

5th       Dunley’s RAWEDGE PAINTED BLACK                    (Ch Hadjibah High Voltage x Janscoma Sissys Princess)



1st      Yavion’s WIRONASTAFF JUST ASK ME                   (Tykabul Vantage Point x Wironastaff Drama Queen)          PUPPY IN SHOW

Easy winner of this class. Beat the 2nd place on head shape, overall compactness, strength of bone, drive from the rear and better angulation in the hindquarters.

2nd     Butcher’s WARBRED COPPERHEAD ROSE             (Whiptail Appollo - Imp UK x Staffme Wazzas Girl)

Easy 2nd place winner. Beat the 3rd place on cleanness about the head, strength of muzzle, strength and angulation of  the rear, and movement.

3rd      Prsa’s TUSSLER CAUSING CHAOS                          (Grand Ch Vanstaff Black Sabbath x Tussler Lady Athena)

Beat the 4th place on neatness of the ears, bluntness of muzzle and better topline.

4th       Hancock’s TUSSLER DEVILS BREW                         (Grand Ch Vanstaff Black Sabbath x Tussler Lady Athena)

Beat the 5th place on head shape and depth of stop.

5th       Dart’s VAGASTAFF SAMSARA                                   (Ch Vagastaff High N Mighty x Waurstafford Posh Miss)


JUNIOR BITCH (18, 4 abs) - Close call between 1st and 2nd placed bitches.

1st       Yavion’s POWERBILT HOT GOSSIP                          (Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Kelsinko Sorentos Sister)

Beat the 2nd place on slightly smaller ears, cleanness through the front quarters and strength of loin.

2nd       Brown & Ryan’s ANGLICE PURE PRINCESS           (Couloir Snow Storm x Castlestaff Pure Magic)

Beat the 3rd place on overall compactness, better bone and better depth of skull.

3rd        Lane’s STAFFBACH I SAID SO                                 (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Borstaff Fanny Fredrika)

Beat the 4th place on shortness of coupling and better movement.

4th        Wolf’s OURGANG MISGUIDED ANGEL                    (Grand Ch Boldhart Booker Bates x Ourgang TrueLove N Chaos)

Beat the 5th place on head shape.

5th         Butler & O’Brien’s STAFFBACH BLACK DIVA          (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic - Imp UK x Borstaff Fanny Fredrika)


INTERMEDIATE BITCH (28, 4 abs) - A good class with a close call between 1st and 2nd places.

1st         Todd’s CH MOSSTROOPER MARIE ANGE              (Ch Satiety Horace Whitesox x Ch Mosstrooper Mabel Joy)

Beat the 2nd place on shorter coupling and better topline. A contender in the Challenge line-up – lost out on being slightly too blunt in the muzzle for me. Handler needs to relax a little to get the best out of her bitch.

2nd         Livingstone’s LIKALOT ON IMPULSE                        (Ch Linwest Thunderstruck x Gentlerock Twice As Nice)

Beat the 3rd place on head shape and expression.

3rd         Gilbert’s BOLDMORE SWEET TROUBLE                  (Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Wildside Sweet Dreams)

Beat 4th place on strength of rear, shortness of coupling and better topline.

4th          Hunt & Ward’s PEPSTAFF EBONY DOLL                 (Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Ch Pepstaff Dream Maker)

Beat the 5th place on spring of rib and strength of bone.

5th          Johnson’s KOENDIDDA ICEE                                    (Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Koendidda Manhatten Jazz)


AUSTRALIAN BRED BITCH (23, 2 abs) - Excellent class.


A fabulous bitch and clear winner of the class. Beat the 2nd place on strength and bluntness of muzzle, shorter coupling, better rear angulation, and greater depth of hindquarter muscle. Another excellent mover who maintains her very good topline when on the move. Lost out to the Challenge Bitch on overall strength of head and rear drive on the move. Beat the Challenge Dog for RUBIS on forequarter angulation.

2nd         Lane’s MOSSTROOPER SHES MAGIC                      (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic—Imp UK x Mosstrooper Megawati)

Beat the 3rd place on overall head shape and better movement.

3rd         Trimble’s STONEHEART HIDE THE HALO                  (Ch Truhart Black Night x Ch Doralmar Stone Maiden)

Beat the 4th place on overall substance and better spring of rib.

4th         Sing’s CH CHERABAH SHES SO FINE                       (Ch Almawill Under Pressure x Cherabah English Rose)

Beat the 5th place on pigment and cleanness of the head overall.

5th         Spicer’s CH LINWEST PIPEDREAMS                          (Nuklnoz Vincent Comet x Jehard Last Love)


OPEN BITCH (23, 3 abs) - Overall the best class of the day for me.


(Ch Hadjibah Hanky Panky x Grand Ch Rapidfire Blade Runner)

What a fantastic bitch – thank you for showing her under me. Beat the 2nd place on strength and cleanness of the head, shortness of coupling, better angulation and better movement with particularly impressive drive from the rear. Handled to perfection, she was the best mover of the day with a superb topline – with that and her tremendous type and classic head, she couldn’t be beaten. She out-showed them to the end and it was my pleasure to award her Challenge Bitch and Best In Show.

2nd       Pearce’s LINWEST SUNNI                                            (Nuklnoz Vincent Comet x Jehard Last Love)

Beat the 3rd place on overall fitness and better depth of muscle on the rear.

3rd       Tattersall’s CH TUSKSTOCK ALL EYEZ ON ME            (Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike x Taroby No Limit)

Beat the 4th place overall substance and strength of bone.

4th       Amos & Sioukas’ CH VERYSHARP REFLECTIONS       (Gr Ch Jenrana Black Male x Gr Ch Verysharp the Real McCoy)

Beat the 5th place on strength of loin and better rear angulation.

5th       Frazer’s GRAND CH HIGHBOURNE MUMMYS PET      (Mosstrooper MidniteRodeo x Highbourne Holly of Spring)





    The Challenge for



          Dog Challenge:

Ch Linwest Thunderstruk


          Bitch Challenge:

Ch Jenrana Ebony AnIvory








BEST HEAD: Mortimer’s CH CHABLAKMOR RIP SNORTER (Grand Ch The Ulster Immigrant - Imp UK x Chablakmor Wild Violet)

BEST GAIT: Mortimer’s Chablakmor Devils Brew          (Ch Lockstaff Black Venom x Chablakmor Dynamite News)

BEST TAIL: Bambach / Tattersall’s STAFFBACH BULLET PROOF (Ch Kelstock Nikkis Black Magic x Borstaff Fanny Fredrika)

BEST EARS: Ross’ CH SWANKY XTRA GROOVY       (Swanky Lucky Chuckie x Swanky Snowhite)

BEST PIED / WHITE: Jennings’ JENRANA SNOW QUEEN    (Jenrana You’ve Got Male x Jenrana Make It Happen)

BEST BRINDLE: Wolf’s OURGANG MISGUIDED ANGEL       (Grand Ch Boldhart Booker Bates x Ourgang TrueLove N Chaos)

BEST RED: Brien’s JEOLENA MIXANDMAX                  (Ch Borstaff Snedrick Crumbb x Jeolena Sians Delight)

BEST INTERSTATE: Mortimer’s CH CHABLAKMOR RIP SNORTER (Grand Ch The Ulster Immigrant - Imp UK x Chablakmor Wild Violet)