26th Championship Show -  6th April 2013

Dr Sarah Hemstock (Jolihem)


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Baby Puppy Dog (8) I absent
1 Pitford Master O Puppets
2 Ourgang A Lesson In Perfection (AI)
3 Grayleigh Brewski Boy
4 Jenrana Soundboy Rock
5 Zeracious Game On
Minor Puppy Dog (2)
1 Hapustaff The Conjuror
2 Starshiraz Fire Cracker

Puppy Dog (6) 1 absent
1 Sookalott Little Lion Heart
2 Sookalott The Heartbreaker
3 Magnumstaff Pheonixflame
4 Ourknights Crimson Tides
5 Magnumstaff Peter Parker

Junior Dog (10)
1 Tykabul Hot Toddy
2 Ch Vanstaff Hardyakka
3 Bxact Ridin Dirty
4 Usherin Read Between The Lines
5 Ch Stanbury Strike The Stars

Intermediate Dog (14) 1 absent
1 Linwest Thunder Bird
2 Ch Brohez Black Soprano
3 Sup Ch Jewelhart Numoon Diablo
4 Dagwoodstaff Gunslinga
5 Tiamostaff Firestarter

Aust Bred Dog (18) 2 absent
1 Ch Vagastaff l See Red
2 Ch Kypajuka Violent Demise
3 Vanstaff Powerbuilt
4 Charmstaff Cum Nget Me
5 Kimerry Sinful Whispers

Open Dog (8) 1 absent
1 Ch Bxact Smooth Operator
2 Dreamcatcher Hes Contagious
3 Ch Tiamostaff Johnny Utah
4 Linwest Hercules
5 Hammystaff New Sensation (Imp UK)

Challenge Dog
Ch Vagastaff l See Red

Res Dog
Tykabul Hot Toddy

Neuter Dog (2)
1 Ch Tanspark White Knight
2 Dual Ch Ourgang Donít Stop Me Now AFCh

Baby puppy Bitch (18) 2 absent
1 Vanstaff Black Diamond
2 Wildbunch Glasgow Smile
3 Ourgang Bang On (AI)
4 Ourknights My Foreva Valentine
5 Warbydog Sweet Bombe

Minor Puppy Bitch (5) 1 absent
1 Redlabal Belle of The Ball
2 Jaybeecee Whataneiffel
3 Tykabul Hellp Darkness

Puppy Bitch (9) 1 absent
1 Pepstaff Poker Face
2 Joden Shezaten
3 Staffstruck Shandy
4 Toploader Mad Russian
5 Sookalott From The Heart

Junior Bitch (15)
1 Ch Stanbury Raspberry Beret
2 Sonique Fire N Ice
3 Ourknights Got The London Look
4 Lilrock Da Devil N Disguise
5 Westrova Stoic Sweet Verity

Intermediate Bitch (13)
1 Highbourne Hello Gorgeous
2 Taino Princess Snowflake
3 Sookalott Dreamcatchme
4 Dagwoodstaff Missys Girl
5 Ch Tykabul Black Caviar

Aust Bred Bitch (15) 2 absent
1 Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted
2 Urbanwater Cheery Bomb
3 Ch Swanky With a Bang
4 Solidrock English Edition
5 Dagwoodstaff Morse Code

Open Bitch (15)
1 Ch Redlabal Star Of Demibeau
2 Ch Highbourne Magic Of Sydney (AI)
3 Ch Brohez Black Art
4 Hapustaff A Pot of Magic RN
5 Ch Usherin Pania Of The Reef

Neuter Bitch (7) 1 absent
1 Ch Araidh Tea Leaf JD SPD (IMP UK)
2 Ch Berlstock Forever Dazzln
3 Ch & OB Ch Bajed Miss Blackberry AD JD RA
4 Taino Butterfly Dreamer

Challenge Bitch
Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted

Res Challenge
Urbanwater Cherry Bomb


Best In Show Ch Vagastaff I See Red

Runner Up Best In show Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted


Reserve Dog Challenge - Tykabul Hot Toddy

Reserve Bitch Challenge - Urbanwater Cherry Bomb

Baby In Show
Vanstaff Black Diamond

Minor In Show
Redlabal Belle Of The Ball

Puppy In Show
Pepstaff Poker Face

Junior In Show
Tykabul Hot Toddy

Intermediate In Show
Linwest Thunder Bird

Aust Bred In Show
Ch Vagastaff l See Red

Open In Show
Ch Bxact Smooth Operator

Neuter In Show
Ch Araidh Tea Leaf JD SPD (Imp UK)


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