26th Championship Show -  6th April 2013

Ms Sarah Hemstock (Jolihem UK)

Judges Report: Sarah Louise Hemstock (JOLIHEM)

First of all I would like to thank the officers, committee and exhibiters for making this such a memorable show for me. The atmosphere was great and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. I was impressed by the overall interest and enthusiasm for the breed and the support for club activities, so please keep up the good work.

I would like to make a few general comments on the entry. My first is a bit of a moan… although I was very pleased with the make and shape of all my winners… overall, I thought the depth of quality, particularly in the dogs, has decreased since I last judged here in 2005. However, on the plus side I think that mouths have improved as I found few converging canine teeth and bad mouths generally – so congratulations on correcting that.

The standard of handling was very high, but I feel that you would get more out of your exhibits with a "traditional" collar and lead – some handlers had little control of their exhibits on a half or full choke, especially if they were not positioned at the top of the neck. Additionally, choke-type collars can cause otherwise sound movers to crab, as was the case with some exhibits here.

My last moan is that many exhibits were not in hard show condition – for me this spoilt some otherwise stunning exhibits. The depth of quality in the bitch classes far outweighed that in the dogs, which from my point of view is as it should be. Overall, movement was sound and there was a refreshing divergence of breed-type and colour – I am actually very relieved to see this after ringside viewing of the shelly, "vampire-bat-faced" caricature of the of Staffordshire Bull Terrier that now seems to be the norm on the UK show scene.

Baby Puppy Dog (8,1)

Loved judging the Baby Puppy class as dogs under 6 months of age are not allowed to be shown in the UK. Some nice future prospects.

1st: O’Brien & Roebig’s Pitford Master O Puppets. Very promising brindle baby. Had all the right bits in the right place and is already quite a showman. I think he has a very successful show career in front of him.

2nd: Wolf’s Ourgang A Lesson In Perfect. Very smart brindle of just 3 months. Compact and sound with everything I would want in a baby of this age. A little fidget with bags of personality, I am sure that he will have a great future in the show ring.

3rd: Knights’ Grayleigh Brewski Boy. Attractive white baby. Plenty of bone and brisket, has everything required. Another one to watch for future success.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,0)

1st: Bartley’s Hapustaff The Conjuror. Handsome and upstanding tiger brindle of 8 months. Very sound to go over and when on the move. Correct head and expression, good mouth. Brisket and rib developing well for age. Well angulated front and rear. He has everything required at this stage, but does not need to increase in height.

2nd: Crumpton’s Starshiraz Fire Cracker. Beautiful red baby, just coming up to 9 months. Plenty bone and brisket for age. Good head and expression. He is going to be slow to mature, which is as it should be. Another very promising future prospect.

Puppy Dog (6,1)

1st: Dart’s Sookalott Little Lion Heart. Striking mahogany brindle in good fettle, 11 months. Symmetrical and well-balanced in outline with stunning head and expression, correct mouth. Well-constructed front with enough bone and brisket for age. Rib well-sprung and developing nicely, close coupled with level topline when standing and when on the move. Hindquarters well defined and developed. Moved soundly and handled well.

2nd: Edwards Sookalott The Heartbreaker. Handsome brindle. Very similar make and shape to first, but needs to settle on the move.

3rd: Covetry’s Magnumstaff Pheonixflame. Attractively marked red of 10 months. Liked him very much. Solid, cobby and compact. Good head and expression. Well boned and straight front when standing but tended to toe-in slightly when on the move. Great depth of brisket, well sprung rib, close-coupled. Hindquarters developing well, moved with drive. A nice package.

Junior Dog (10, 0)

Some quality young dogs in this class.

1st: Lalor’s Tykabul Hot Toddy. Wow!! What a stunner. Very much my cup of tea, handsome red/fawn in excellent fettle. Perfect size and balance – correct blend of Bull and Terrier. Very typical head and expression. Correct straight front, well laid shoulder. Well sprung rib for age, level topline. Correct hindquarter - balanced angulation front and rear. Lovely tail set and carriage. He looks the part now (17 months) and will certainly improve further as he matures. Exceptionally sound movement. Handled well to Res Challenge Dog and Best Junior in Show.

2nd: Hopkins and Van Kleef’s Ch Vanstaff Hardyakka. Striking and attractively marked brindle and white. Mature for age (17 months), and very much in line with the phrase "of great substance for size" – loved his bone and substance – balanced and in proportion with nothing exaggerated. Reminded me very much of my own Jolihem The Image Man. Correct head and expression – strong muzzle, deep through skull. Excellent front, body well-knit with well sprung rib. Balanced angulations front and rear. Moved soundly.

3rd: Roebig’s Bxact Ridin Dirty. Attractive mahogany brindle in lovely hard condition. Very sound with no exaggerations. Good head and expression. Excellent front, correct shoulder, good rib, well developed hindquarters. Moved with drive and handled well. Another great young prospect (16 months).

Intermediate Dog (14,1)

1st: Lindsey’s Linwest Thunder Bird. Outstanding brindle and white pied in hard fettle. Impressed with his overall soundness and parallel movement. Strong, deep skull, clean expression. Correct short neck leading to well laid shoulder. Straight, well-boned front, deep brisket. Good spring of rib, level topline. Correct hindquarters with hocks well let down. Strong contender for top honors’ on the day and handled well to Best Intermediate in Show.

2nd: Yates’ Ch Brohez Black Soprano. Well-built and compact brindle in good condition. First rate head and skull, tidy expression, good mouth. Gun barrel front with enough bone, well defined body, strong hindquarters. Moved soundly, but not with the drive of 1st. Handled well.

3rd: Snerling & Worth’s Supreme Ch Jewelheart Numoon Diablo. Strongly built brindle with plenty of bone. Wide front, plenty of brisket. Well develop rib, close-coupled with level topline. Correct backend with good definition. Moved and handled well.

Australian Bred Dog (18, 2)

The strongest dog class of the day, some quality dogs in this class.

1st: Dart’s Ch Vagastaff I See Red. Entered the ring as if he owned it and took my attention straight away. Attractive colour, excellent pigmentation, and in hard condition for 6 years. Excellent make and shape all round with outstanding head and expression. Angulations balanced front and rear, with topline, tail and movement as described by the Breed Standard. Closest to my ideal on the day, well balanced with nothing exaggerated. Handled well – free standing not stacked - to Challenge Dog, Best Aus. Bred and Best in Show.

2nd: Walsh’s Ch Kypajuka Violent Demise. Handsome and upstanding brindle in excellent fettle. I liked him very much. Pleasing in outline with balance and very sound in structure and movement – free stood, not stacked. In fact, he reminded me of Ch. Jolihem Fine and Dandy who was a dog capable of doing a day’s work. Correct head and expression, with skull broad and deep through, but overall his head and expression did not appeal to me as much as that of Challenge or Res. Challenge dog. That said, he was a strong contender for the day’s top honors. Handled well.

3rd: Van Kleeff’s Vanstaff Powerbuilt. Striking and attractively marked brindle and white in super condition. Very good head and expression. Good front construction, teaming with bone and brisket. Quality make and shape overall, sound in structure and movement. Hindquarter well developed and defined. Handled well.

Open Dog (8, 1)

1st: Roebig’s Ch Bxact Smooth Operator. Very handsome black brindle. Great ring presence as he grabbed my attention and was difficult to look past. Full of quality and breed type, plenty of bone and brisket. Correct wide front, straight with well laid shoulders. Strong, compact and well defined body with level topline. Powerful backend with excellent muscular definition. Sound parallel movement, with discernible drive from rear. Handled well to Best Open in Show.

2nd: Carroll & Darragh’s Dreamcatcher He’s Contagious. Stunning black brindle, in hard fettle, with balance and enough substance for size. Really liked his head and expression, lovely broad and deep through skull, with powerful muzzle of correct length. Good front, sound structure and correct movement. Slightly rangier in appearance than 1st but still excellent breed type. Handled well.

3rd: Yates’ Ch Tiamostaff Johnny Utah. Attractively marked brindle with white markings. Strongly built and square in outline, plenty of substance and well boned. Correct wide front, deep brisket and well sprung rib. Compact body, well coupled with level topline. Well-constructed and defined hind quarters. Good movement, but slight tendency to toe-in on forehand, hence 3rd. Handled well.

Neuter Dog (2,0)

1st: Buter & O’Brien’s Ch Tanspark White Knight. Gorgeous white in good condition for age (10 yrs). Very happy and outgoing, enjoying his time in the ring. Handled very well.

2nd: Wolf’s Dual Ch Ourgang Don’t Stop Me Now. Attractive and upstanding mahogany brindle. Liked him very much. Handled well.

Parent and Offspring (3,0)

An interesting class to judge. Some nice exhibits here.

1st. Ch. Bxact Smooth Operator. Winner of Open Dog. Has certainly put his stamp on his offspring. Very typey.

Baby Puppy Bitch (18, 4)

Some quality young stock in this class. I enjoyed judging these babies very much – probably my favourite class of the day!!

1st. Van Kleeff’s Vanstaff Black Diamond. Very pretty black brindle, almost 6 months. Has a lot to offer at this stage. Feminine head, pleasing expression, no exaggerations. Smashing front, plenty of bone and brisket, body developing along correct lines. Has everything I would want at this stage. Moved very soundly for a baby. Excellent future prospects. Handled expertly to Best Baby in Show.

2nd. Ballard’s Wildbunch Glasgow Smile. Appealing black brindle. The first thing that springs to mind for me in this case is "she’s so cute!"… With a face and expression that makes me want to pick her up and hug her… Has everything I would want of a 16 week pup. Handled well, but movement needs to settle.

3rd. Wolf’s Ourgang Bang On. Very pretty black brindle and what a neat little package she is. Excellent head and expression for13 weeks. Very compact and well-proportioned in all departments. Handled expertly, a little stunner while standing, but movement needs to settle (which you would expect from a pup of this age!).

Minor Puppy Bitch (5, 1)

1st. Whiteman’s Redlabal Belle Of The Ball. Attractively marked red and white of just 6 months. Correct blend of Bull and Terrier for me. She reminded me very much of my own Ch. Jolihem Wildfire at the same age. Very sound in all departments and very sound in construction and movement. She will obviously improve as she matures, but has all the basics in place now. I am sure she will go on to great things in future. Handled well to best Minor Puppy in Show.

2nd. Smallwood’s Jaybeecee Whataneiffel. Appealing black brindle of 8 months. Typical head and expression, neat ears. Correct short neck, strong straight front with plenty of bone and brisket. Compact body with good level topline. Hindquarters developing nicely. Again, she impressed with her overall soundness of construction and movement. Handled well.

3rd. Lalor’s Tykabul Hello Darkness. Very attractive black brindle and white (8 months). Loved her head and expression, correct dark round eye. Gun barrel front with plenty of bone and brisket. Body developing along correct lines, hindquarters well defined. Moved soundly, but not with the drive of 1st and 2nd. Handed well.

Puppy Bitch (9, 1)

1st. Horley & Osborme’s Pepstaff Poker Face. Appealing brindle and white, 10 months. Liked her overall make and shape. Very well balanced with nothing exaggerated. Excellent front construction, correct bone and brisket. Rib well developed and defined, close-coupled, hindquarters strong and well angulated. Moved very soundly and handled expertly to Best Puppy in Show.

2nd. McKoy’s Joden Shezaten. Smart black brindle of 10 months. Stunning head and expression, strong muzzle, but not too short. Typical front, but preferred front construction and depth of brisket of 1st. Body compact and developing along correct lines. Hindquarters well developed and defined for age. Sound mover, handled well.

3rd. Gardner & Martin’s Staffstruck Shandy. Eye catching brindle and white (10 months). Very impressed with her overall balance and shape. Feminine with correct blend of Bull and Terrier for me. Correct front, well boned, plenty of brisket. Well bodied with correct backend. I liked her a lot, she will improve greatly with maturity. Has excellent future prospects. Moved ok and handled well.

Junior Bitch (15, 0)

This was a very strong class with a great depth of quality.

1st. Stanley’s Ch Stanbury Raspberry Beret. Gorgeous red in super condition, 17 months. Really liked her a lot. Excellent head and expression, very feminine. First-rate front – plenty of bone and brisket. Well-developed body with well sprung rib – correct level topline, with goo length of coupling. Well angulated backend, correct form. Overall a very neat and balanced package. Exceptionally sound movement, parallel and with drive. Handled well. Strong contender for the day’s top honors.

2nd. Reid & Sing’s Sonique Fire N Ice. Beautifully marked red and white pied, 16 months. She impressed me with her overall soundness of construction. Super head and expression – very much to the type of m-line stock. Gun barrel front with enough bone and brisket, correct rib, close-coupled, racy hindquarters. Moved soundly, but not with the drive and purpose of 1st. Handled well.

3rd. Faithful’s Ournights Got The London Look. Lovey brindle and white, 14 months. Compact and well-knit in outline with no exaggerations. Very feminine head and expression, correct dark round eye. Very good front, straight and without weakness. Enough rib and brisket for stage of development, with well-developed and defined hindquarters. Sound construction with balanced angulations front and rear. Moved and handled well.

Intermediate Bitch (13, 0)

1st. Clewley’s Highborne Hello Gorgeous. The name says it all! Gorgeous black brindle that impressed me with her substance and balance – a very compact package with strength but without exaggeration. Strong head, deep through with enough length of muzzle. Correct front with well laid shoulders. Excellent rib and brisket, close coupled with level top-line. Well-formed and muscular hindquarters complete the picture. Sound movement – parallel and with drive, handled well.

2nd. Doorackers’ Taino Princess Snowflake. Attractive white, not in hardest of condition but impressed with her soundness of movement. Pleasing head and expression and so very very feminine. Correct front, enough bone and brisket, well laid shoulder. Correct spring of rib with level topline. Correctly constructed quarters, but would be improved if in hard condition. Handled well.

3rd. Edwards’ Sookalott Dreamcatchme. Lovely red in good fettle. Very four-square and balanced. Correct head and expression. Loved her gun barrel front and depth of brisket. Sturdy body with correct hindquarters competing the picture. Balanced angulations front and rear, meaning movement was sound, but without the drive of 1st and 2nd. Handled well.

Australian Bred Bitch (15, 2)

An impressive class to judge – many quality exhibits here.

1st. Lindsey’s Ch Linwest Ella Enchanted. Glorious red and white in absolutely stunning condition, 6 years old. Very much my type – totally feminine and totally balanced. Excellent head, lovely round eye and kind expression to melt your soul... Excellent front, bone and brisket. Faultlessly proportioned body and excellent hindquarters – super muscular conditioning. Moved flawlessly, even down to the carriage of her perfect pump-handle tail. Handled well to CC Bitch and Runner Up in Show.

2nd. Walsh’s Urbanwater Cherry Bomb. Athletic and stunning red in hard fettle. Full of breed type and an athletic blend of Bull and Terrier – very sound, square and balanced, no exaggerations. Super head and expression, correct wide front with enough bone and plenty of brisket. Well defined body - correctly shaped rib, close coupled. Racy hindquarters. Overall a very neat and compact package. I also loved her attitude in the ring – active and full of life and fun. Balanced angulations front and rear producing very sound movement. Handled expertly to Reserve Challenge.

3rd. Ross’ Swanky With Bang. Very attractive black brindle in fit condition. Liked her make and shape – balanced and symmetrical with nothing exaggerated. Feminine head, skull strong and deep through, correct expression. Short neck leading to well laid shoulders. Correct straight front, enough bone and brisket. Well-bodied with level topline while standing and on the move. Hindquarters well defined. Moved well but with not with the drive of 1st and 2nd. Handled well.

Open Bitch (15, 0)

1st. Hockey’s Ch Redlabal Star Of Demibeau. Fabulous red and white pied. Attracted my attention immediately and didn’t disappoint when I went over her. Excellent head and expression – very much my type. First-rate front construction, as described by the Standard. Well-bodied with good spring of rib and level topline. Excellent hind quarter providing discernible drive when on the move. Very strong contender for top honors on the day, pipped at the post because, although fit, she was not in hard condition as were Challenge and Res. Challenge.

2nd. Frazer’s Ch Highbourne Magic Of Sydney. Very impressive black brindle in good condition. Loved her compact and square outline. Nice balance of Bull and Terrier with no exaggerations. Typical head and expression, good pigmentation. Well-constructed gun barrel front, wide with good bone and brisket. Strong and compact body with well-proportioned rib, level topline and close-coupling. Really liked her strength of hind construction. Moved very soundly, handled well.

3rd. McBride’s Ch Brohez Black Art. Another attractive black brindle. Very similar make and shape to 2nd. Pleasing balance, square in outline, feminine with nothing exaggerated. Lovely head and expression with typical Stafford grin… Correct front, good rib, close-coupled, strong and compact overall. Well developed and defined hindquarters. Moved very soundly with balanced angulations, but not parallel, hence 3rd. Handled well.

Neuter Bitch (7, 0)

1st. Clewley’s Ch Araidh Tea Leaf JD SPD-IMP UK. Strong and typey brindle bitch, well-knit with great substance for size. Good head and expression, strong well-boned front, great depth of brisket. Strong body, not in hard condition. Well defined hindquarters. Moved soundly and handled well to Best Neuter in show.

2nd. Butler & O’Brien’s Staffbach Black Diva. Pretty black brindle in lovely condition for 10 years. Bags of personality, she really enjoyed showing off in the ring. Correct head and expression, gun barrel front, well-bodied, correct hindquarters. A pleasure to go over. Handled well.

3rd. Hill’s Ch & OB Ch Bajed Miss Blackberry AD JD RA. Attractive black brindle in super condition for 9 years. Loved her head and expression. Good front, compact body, correct hindquarter. Moved and handled well.