15th Championship Show - 30/03/08

Mr Fred Gadd (Gadkeys) - UK


The A.C.T. Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of NSW, Australia held their 16th Championship Show on Sunday 30th March

I thank the officers and committee for the invitation to judge at their prestigious show and a very special thank you to the exhibitors for making such a wonderful entry of 227 exhibits and a special thanks to the exhibitors and spectators for their generous applause and acceptance of all my decisions; and for taking particular care of my welfare, with a very special thanks to my ring steward Andrew for keeping me busy.   

I was impressed with type, especially size being near as possible to the standard and of course the tremendous condition with their coats gleaming. All the exhibits were in excellent condition with only one exception a delightful exhibit grossly over weight! There can be no excuse. 

However the week-end started dramatically for me, on the flight from Sydney to Canberra I took a bit of a turn and was taken from the aircraft straight to Canberra hospital where I spent the night; following a multitude of tests, to discover that I was in good health suffering from dehydration and released Friday lunch time, to great relief to myself and to the organisers of this show.


My Dog CC, and Best of Breed was the dog- Marsh’s, Grand Champion Neworder  Bombe Alaska, who had the most exquisite head and expression: skull square and deep through with a tremendous muzzle, large nose tight flews (lips), powerful under jaw and large clean white teeth and a perfect scissor bite, highly developed neck: short and superbly arched packed with muscle,  clean throat, widening into outstandingly shoulders, down into a fine-looking  front, highly developed chest, well muscled, ample bone, large thickly  padded feet. The profile view was equally as good, deep into his brisket excellent spring of rib, remarkable rotation level top line short coupled but not cobby, tremendous angulations enough stifle with the engine-room packed with hard muscle, when I asked him to move he showed off his rotation with exceptional forward reach as could be seen in profile; with tremendous natural drive, coming towards me, head held high with a bob of confidence, he knew he was in charge and didn’t mind showing it. I had great pleasure in awarding him Best Dog and on the day BOB

My Reserve CC and Reserve B.O.B. dog was Trimble’s Stoneheart Tom Foolery who was no less a dog and of whom you could say very much the same thing, however this youngster was up on his toes taking the bull by the horns challenging me to look else where, with a magnificent head and forequarters wonderful profile, short coupled packed engine-room and moved with discernable drive another confident youngster who deserved his awards.


Best Bitch and Reserve B.I.S, Kilby’s, Linwest Midnight Angel was superb in type handled, and moved to catch ones eye. Strong head with the grandest of expressions, chiselled for-face, punishing jaw, excellent front elevation, broad and deep into her brisket, clean bite powerful neck excellent shoulder placement, tremendous rotation and forward reach her profile just continued on from the front, first-rate rib, and top line short coupled powerful hind quarters pleasing movement.


My Reserve Best Bitch, Walsh’s, CH Kypajuka Black Widow its such a pity that B.B was in such great form as Res B.B pushed her hard for her placing, in many ways equal in type strong head with the correct expression, tremendous neck widening out at the shoulders excellent placement down into the grandest of fronts broad straight bone, correctly padded feet, deep into her brisket, fine profile short coupled, but not cobby, excellent drive on the move.             


What was a real credit was type it was there in abundance and I had no problems with either height or condition, what ever you are doing keep it up!


Baby puppy is a class that I rarely come across, however type and condition was almost overwhelming. I chose the ones that I believed showed the greater promises, however they were all adorable, and probably the only time in their life, innocent. My description of the baby puppies will be a little vague because there is no way that I can predict their future, especially as some excellent types were un-placed; I would have liked to hand out more ribbons as it is always a pity that quality has to leave the ring.


I, like others really enjoy the puppy classes and I was not disappointed, the future of the breed in Australia assured and the credit is all yours.


Baby Puppy Bitch

1st.          Szirer’s,                               Borstaff Cookie Crumbbs I loved every moment with the baby puppies, however to say they have an excellent chance in the future would be very wrong of me, however this youngster had a lot to offer in type but only the future can tell she was confident and stood remarkably well and performed like a professional.       .                        .                                                                       

2nd         Trimble’s,          Challenger At Stoneheart IMP NZ, another from the same mould whose performance was out standing, however he has the promises necessary for the future and I sincerely do hope he continues to progress in the same vain, one to look out for.


3rd         Brien’s,                               Jeolena Gud Onya Nellie liked this youngster very much the same type as those before her stood like a rock trained to perfection excellent condition with just enough cheek about her.


Minor Puppy Bitch


1st.          Marsh’s,                             Neworder Kid You Not, Showing a little more maturity, and standing with confidence, loved being touched, Lovely shaped head, having all the qualities needed to mature into a fine exhibit moved well.


2nd.        Robertson’s,    Vanstaff Material Girl, very similar to the winner in type and quality with the attributes to progress further


3rd.        Todd’s,                                Tussler Kissedbyanagel-AI, It was a class full of future quality and this young lady did not disappoint me she was calm, confident though she liked her own way on the move which did her credit.


Puppy Bitch  

1st.          Butler & O’Brien’s,  Tuatahi Tribal Tattoo, the mature pup will always catch your eye standing a better chance and this fine youngster had all the promise that is needed. First-rate head in the making and well proportioned body everything there for you to see only time will tell, moved like a pup of quality should.


2nd         Ross’s,                  Meralla White Peril, Another that performed superbly, weighing up his territory checking out the opposition certainly a point in her favour has everything needed to grow into a fine exhibit.


3rd         Bawden            Castlebar Strip Search, This youngster, was superbly handled, showing off  all her qualities she was one of three exceptional puppies as I saw them, exquisite  structural proportions lovely expression and front, profile as good, just needs time. 


Junior Bitch


1st.          Lacey’s,             Swanky Ooh La La , My type, lovely head and expression, superb neck, great front profile ,strong hind quarters moved with ease and drive.   


2nd.        Bustabones Knls’s,     Bustabones The Other Women-A1, it was a pity to meet the winner in such good form as she pushed hard to win the class, Strong, nothing over done, powerful head excellent expression, superbly constructed, moved with tremendous power.


3rd.        Lane’s,                                Lanvilla Nauti Blaknikes-A1, I  was especially pleased with this class as this is where one can almost tell the future,  this young lady well deserved her award pushing hard for top honours. Fine head and expression blocky for-face coming, excellent conformation moved cleanly


Intermediate Bitch


1st.          Baxter’s,            Boldhart Cause U Love Me, this young girl stood like a rock in front of me and dared me to look else where. She was turned out in super condition, excellent coat, powerful head, and muzzle great expression, powerfully constructed, grand front elevation and profile short coupled, hard muscle in the engine –room, moved exceptionally well.


2nd.        Cairns&Hanley’s,     Doobagg Akis Ov Venom, Powerful headed short strong muzzle impressive under jaw, fine expression, short neck well laid shoulders excellent front, tremendous profile moved with ease though the handler needs better control pushed hard to for first place.


3rd.        Koendidda Knls’s,      Koendidda Blue Diamond  I will admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the class as each one of three could easily win on another occasion powerfully constructed with nothing over done, excellent profile; exceptionally fit hard as a rock moved with real power,        


Australian Bred


1st.          Kilby’s,               Linwest Midnight Angel, Please see heading. Best Bitch CC please see heading


2nd.        Walsh’s,            CH Kypajuka Black Widow, Please see heading Reserve Best Bitch Ress CC .please see heading.


3rd.        Lane’s,                                Swanky Overto Aalsue, Blocky head deep as it was broad, strong muzzle, clean bite, first-rate front and profile, ample stifle low hocks, tremendous temperament, moved ok.


Open Bitch


1st.          Jennings’s,       Grand Champion  Jerana Ebony Anivory,  , Beautifully constructed, square deep as it was broad skull, powerful jaws, highly developed front broad and well muscled, straight bone excellent profile , powerful hind quarters tremendous movement deserved her award,. 


2nd.        Huitema’s,       CH Rayonnoire Celtic Legacy, very similar to the winner loosing out on very little, fought hard for her placing, could change place at anytime, suitably constructed with a powerful head of the correct shape grand expression, clean bite, and excellent profile, moved as though he owned the ring.


3rd.        Frazer’s,                             CH Highboure Nine Carat, what a class full of type, each one could have taken first such was the quality, however this  bitch is fine example of the breed, powerful head deep as broad blocky muzzle well constructed neck excellent shoulder placement super front elevation and profile moved like she’s been here before.


Baby Puppy Dog


1st           Lamberts’,        Fantazmic Jet To Wooloo Imp UK , right out of the top drawer moved particularly well has a good head still coming, fine looking front and profile, moving like seasoned professional


2nd         Henderson’s,                   Powerpaws Knight In Paris, this young  fellow caused me a few problems,  my wife liked  him a great deal and not slow to tell me afterwards!, very similar to the winner in fine condition has tidy feet but did not want to move!.


3rd         Tattersall’s,     Staffbeach Captn Jack very much from the same mould as 1 and 2 and right up my street, he was one of 3 beauties, cheeky with it, confident everything going for him moved ok.


Minor Puppy Dog


1st           Psra&Chamberlain’s              Saboteur Sub Zero, when finished he will be powerfully headed of the correct type; already has a grand expression excellent structure well proportioned outstanding hind quarters moved well, just a little shy.


2nd, Marsh’s     Neworder Black Belt, his muzzle needs to come on a little otherwise a great pup full of the attributes needed, powerful head , clean bite tight flews, moved like one of quality should.


3rd         Morton’s,           Shadowstaff Captn Jacksparrow,, yet another from a super class, excellent shape clean cut fine coat in super condition tremendous attitude, well deserved his award, moved reasonably well as puppies do!


Puppy Dog


1st.          Baxter’s,            Boldheart Pik Ofth Crumbbs, as the pups grow so does their promise and quite often will also improve their chances. This fellow has many of the attributes needed, good  overall costruction, the correct shape with the promise of more to come, excellent front short coupled and moved really well.


2nd.        Marsh’s,             Neworder Sirius Black. Another that suited me fine head and expression excellent front well constructed needs to improve on his movement.


3rd.        Lee’s,   Powerpaws Just Do It, Loved this youngster’s colouring  but this was not his only poins super head in the making excellent front tremendous profile ample bone in fact everything needed was there however suffered because of carrying too much Christmas pud, which interfered with his movement.


Junior Dog


1st           Bawden’s,        Castlebar Crown Jester A1, beautifully presented youngster right off top shelf, powerful head still coming fine expression excellent front elevation and profile tremendous hind quarters, moved with complete ease.


2nd         Steele’s,             Hellfyre Glacial Storm very similar to the winner in all aspects, I could just repeat myself with his description, excellent for-quarters, and profile, magnificent angulations; another that moved with ease.


3rd.        Abbott’s,           Gemra Trace Element this was an enjoyable class to get to grips with as the first three could change place at anytime. Powerfully headed, superbly constructed with a fine expression, clean cut. Excellent front elevation, and profile, hind quarters packed assisting with his drive.


Intermediate Dog


1st.          Yates’s,              Boldhart Paint The Town Red, powerful head and fine expression, dark eye ,clean cut substantially muscled neck leading into well laid shoulders, tremendous front elevation and profile powerfully constructed lovely angulations, moving with plenty of drive.


2nd         Wolf’s,                                CH Ourgang Don’t Stop Me Now, Turned out in tip top form a pity that the eventual winner was in such good form, however he pushed him hard, powerful head grand expression tremendous front elevation and profile level top line plenty of stifle moved well.


3rd ,Truhaven Knls,    CH Acrstaff Risky Business, what a class full of type and quality this fellow is one of three that at anytime could win, fine head and expression excellent front elevation tremendous profile, beaming with condition, and a cracker on the move.


Australian Bred Dog


1st,          Shimwell’s,                      CH Lokstoknstaf Iron Star, to keep using the same words in my description does not seem right somehow, but if it’s the only way to describe the exhibit then who cares! This was another from top draw, turned out to impress, beautiful head powerful in construction tremendous expression, formidable jaw, excellent front down to his large tight thickly padded feet, great profile, enough stifle moving with poise.


2nd.        Shaw’s,               Grand Ch Belleden Sunstone another here to impress and did, beautiful head powerfully constructed, tremendous expression, strong jaw , excellent front elevation down to his large tight thickly padded feet great profile, ample stifle moving like someone in charge.


3rd.        Lane’s,                Ch Sandtoys Arsenal, from nose to tail powerfully constructed with nothing over done, tremendous front elevation and profile, excellent hind quarters, moved with drive.


Open Dog.


1st           Marsh’s,             Gran CH Neworder Bombe Alaska , B.D, and B.I.S please see heading.


2nd.        Trimble’s,          Stoneheart Tom Foolery, Res. B.D, and. Please see heading


3rd.        Butler&O’brien’s,      Tanspark White Knight, Powerful head deep, as its broad with a excellent under jaw, exceptional expression, super front and profile, hind quarters packed to busting point with hard muscle, moved really well.



Best Neuter. Dog


1st           Burgin’s,           Dazzlnstaff Black Sambuca CCD, He was right up my street powerful, clean cut excellent head and expression, punishing for-face, beautiful neck and shoulders, excellent front and profile, tight feet thick pad, moving with the grace and charm of the monarchs, I liked him.


2nd,        Doobagg’s,      CH Doobagg A Saint I Aint , another rather fine fellow of the type I was looking for beautiful head powerful and strong super neck, excellent lay of shoulders, first-rate front elevation and profile moved well.   


3rd,        Hopgood’s,       Ch Gemra Star light, another from the top shelf, turned out to catch my eye and did powerfully constructed with all the attributes needed to make  a fine example of the breed, moved well and with confidence.


Frederick J Gadd: - Gadkey- Judge.