13th Championship Show - 15/04/07

Mr Steve Meredith (Rojeme Staffords) - NZ

Baby Dog - 10 (1 abs)

1. Brown & Ryan's Anglice Fasinating (Eng Ch Jackstaff Fasination - UK x Ch Anglice Pure Princess)
2. Brown & Ryan's Anglice Might N Power (Eng Ch Jackstaff Fasination - UK x Ch Anglice Pure Princess)
3. O'Dea & McKittrick's Supasound Smudged (Pennyflower The Lone Ranger x Supasound Hard TBHumbl)
4. Elloy's Jehard Jawdropper (Ch Highbourne Baryshnikov x Nupowa Cissy Chartreuse)
5. Gardner & Martin's Staffstruck Black Devil (Bajed Magic Halfpenny x Staffstruck She Devil)

Minor Dog - 3 (0 abs)
1. Steele's Hellfyre Glacial Storm (Gr Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Hellfyre Ice Queen)
2. Jennings' Warfare Mind Games - Imp NZ (Wyrefare Dazzler x NZ Ch Warfare Harum Scarum)
3. Straub & Cole's Cherabah Iron Nomad (Rayonnoire The Nomad x Cherabah Iron Maiden)

Puppy Dog - 1 (0 abs)
1. Steele's Hellfyre Platinum Edition (Gr Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Hellfyre Ice Queen)

Junior Dog - 6 (0 abs)
1. Stirling's Broomsquires Jethro Tull (Gadkeys Boggart - Imp UK x Bilstonwake Shirleywich)
2. Finlay's Tothemax V Eight Powered (Ch Jamelkur All Torque x Tothemax Karizmattic)
3. Roebig's Beaurite Hit The Bullsi (A&NZ Ch Belleden Devil Ov Orion x Shirlawn Storm Girl)
4. Birkeland's Jamelkur Street Lethal (Rayonnoire The Nomad x Ch Jamelkur Shoin Shine)
5. Brown & Ryan's Anglice Lucky Lad (Jodels Adagio - UK x Anglice Lucky Seaven)

Intermediate Dog - 10 (0 abs)
1. Fry, Pleydell-Fry & Grundy's Ch Reewen Ballyhoggin (Ch Mishmax Little Gladiator x Reewen My Hearts Desire)
2. Laws' Shkiri Louis Vitton (Ch Highbourne Baryshnikov x Ch Cherabah High Acclaim)
3. Trimble's Stoneheart Tom Foolery (Gr Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Stoneheart Hot To Touch)
4. Morton's Shadowstaff Gunn Boya (Verysharp Fiesty Boy x Ultimatstaff Sweet Dreams)
5. Byrne & Reid's Bindatash Son of Magic (Ch Kelstock Nickkis Black Magic - UK x Bindatash Princess Mindi)

Australian Bred Dog - 11 (0 abs)
1. Roebig's Orazz Pog Mohn (Ch Jamelkur All Torque x Orazz Mixed Harmony)
2. Byrne & Reid's Cairford Tell No Lies (Gr Ch Koendidda Umrum x Ch & NZ ChHighbourne Sharpen Up)
3. Holohan's Ch Linwest Back in Black (Gr Ch Jenrana Black Mail x Jehard Last Love)
4. Brown & Ryan's Anglice Mr Classique - AI (Jodels Adagio - UK x Anglice Lucky Seaven)
5. Pratt's Ch Prattstaff Your Zenith (Ch Highbourne Baryshnikov x Pitshaft Prattstaffs Ace - Imp NZ)

Open Dog - 8 (0 abs)
1. Frazer's Ch Highbourne Baryshnikov (Ch Cherabah Ironside x Ch Highbourne Vintage Crop)
2. Lindsay's Ch Linwest Thunderstruck (Nuklnoz Vincent Comet x Jehard Last Love)
3. Gardner & Martin's Ch Staffstruck High Velocity (Mobland the Crusader x Staffstruck Daydreamaley)
4. Strover's Crossguns Jet Setter - Imp UK (Eng Ch Cashalee Charmer at Crossguns - UK x Crossguns Pussy Galore - UK)
5. Birkeland's Grand Ch Jamelkur Cruzin Star (Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Ganglands Riverdance)


Neuter - 1 (0 abs)

1. Morton's Cobbstar Question Time (Ruffhouse Bring It On x Ruffhouse Smarty Pants)

Baby Bitch - 12 (2 abs)
1. Stone's Triffstaff Little Louee (Ch Solidrock In Like Flynn x Triffstaff Genevieve)
2. Elloy's Jehard Lee Ebony (Ch Highbourne Baryshnikov x Nupowa Cissy Chartreuse)
3. Gardner & Martin's Staffstruck Devils Magic (Bajed Magic Halfpenny x Staffstruck She Devil)
4. Lambert's Wooloostaff White Lies (Deelee Hilarious Hans x Wooloostaff Alibrandi)
5. McFadden's Suntauro Boundtoastound (Boldmore Shenanigans - Imp UK x Ch Koendidda Moppie May)

Minor Bitch - 2 (2 abs)

Puppy Bitch - 5 (2 abs)
1. Morton's Shadowstaff Gypsy Dream (Verysharp Fiesty Boy x Ultimatstaff Sweet Dream)
2. Shimwell's Beaurite LivinonaPrayer (Ch Thorstal ThVikinGod x Beaurite TothDvilaDauter)
3. Hughes' Mosstrooper TheSaucyMare (Crossguns Labour of Love - Imp UK x Eastaff the Oulton Broad - Imp UK)

Junior Bitch - 15 (1 abs)
1. Vine's Triffstaff Temerity (Ch Solidrock In Like Flynn x Ch Triffstaff Polly Waffle)
2. O'Dea's Knightsky Inya Dreams (Waurstafford Harp Marx x Stafface Time For Change)
3. Bambach & Tattersall's Borstaff Catch a Cloud (Ch Kypajuka Son of a Crumbb x Gillivic Just Wot I Want)
4. Roebig's Orazz Turradh (Ch Jamelkur All Torque x Orazz Mixed Harmony)
5. Straub & Cole's Sajomarbe Black Pearl (Ch Almawill Under Pressure x Cherabah Georgia)

Intermediate Bitch - 14 (0 abs)
1. Frazer's Ch Highbourne Nine Carat (Gr Ch Koendidda Umrum x Ch Highbourne Vintage Crop)
2. Pratt's Prattstaff Caramel Crown (Grand Ch Koendidda Umrum x Prattstaff Toffee Pop)
3. Birkeland's  Jamelkur Bowtie Babe (Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Jamelkur Shoin Shine)
4. Hayes' Ourgang Red Terra (Grand Ch Ourgang Hell For Leather x Ch Ourgang Misguided Angel)
5. Strover's Ch Crossguns Lady Madonna - Imp UK (Eng Ch Cashalee Charmer at Crossguns - Uk x Crossguns Yahoo - UK)

Australian Bred Bitch - 14 (0 abs)
1. Consadine's Ch Mosstrooper Get Mortal (Mosstrooper Mean Streets x Eastaff The Oulton Broad - Imp UK)
2. Jennings' Ch Jenrana Snow Queen (Ch Jenrana Youve Got Male x Jenrana Make It Happen)
3. Bawden's Gemra Cause For Concern (Gr Ch Jamelkur Cruzin Star x Gr Ch Gemra Black Ace)
4. Hopgood & Abbot's Gemra DancinwiththeDevil (Gr Ch Jamelkur Cruzin Star x Gr Ch Gemra Black Ace)
5. Vine's Triffstaff Trepedation (Triffstaff Comn on Strong x Triffstaff Travesty)

Open Bitch - 9 (1 abs)
1. Frazer's Ch Rayonnoire Canny Bairn (Takillas Taboo Noire - Imp UK x Ch Knockon Bittersweet - Imp UK)
2. Steele's Ch Hellfyre Ice Queen (Gr Ch Belleden Red Warrior x Ch Alanaleigh Gogettemate)
3. Jenning's Grand Ch Jenrana Ebony Anivory (Ch Hadjibah Hanky Panky x Grand Ch Rapidfire Blade Runner)
4. Fry, Pleydell-Fry & Grundy's Ch Borstaff Bumblebee (Ch Cherabah Ironside x Borstaff Hazel Hairbrush)
5. Wilkes' Brookstreet Penderyns Way (Grand,Eng&Ir Ch Cumhill Little Mischief - Imp UK x Allmighty Stargazer)



Best in Show: Ch Highbourne Nine Carat
Runner Up in Show: Ch Mosstrooper Get Mortal
Baby in Show: Anglice Fasination
Minor in Show: Hellfyre Glacial Storm
Puppy in Show: Hellfyre Platinum Edition
Junior in Show: Triffstaff Temerity
Inter in Show: Ch Highbourne Nine Carat
Aus in Show: Ch Mosstrooper Get Mortal
Open in Show: Ch Highbourne Baryshnikov
Neuter in Show: Cobbstar Question Time


Critique for ACT Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club Show 15th April 2007


Stephen Meredith(Rojeme Staffords NZ)




Baby Puppy Bitches.


1st/ No11 Triffstaff Little Louee


This Baby looked good front on, moved and stood soundly. Showed well for its handler which, won it the class. 

Starting to come up in leg but doing all the right things for its age.


2nd/ No 4 Jehard Lee Ebony


A promising brindle with a good shaped head. Best head shape for its age, in the class. This baby had a lovely shape on the stack, 

showing a good topline . Did not move or show as well as #1.


3rd/ No 7 Staffstruck Devils Magic


Brindle  baby with white front, the youngest of my place getters. Good outline with a pleasing head and expression, 

performed well for one so young.

Hard to judge mouths with so little teeth.


Puppy Bitch


1st/ No 16 Shadowstaff Gypsy Dream


My type of Black Brindle, having a good strong head, good stop, pleasing eye shape and colour. Moved well holding her topline, 

Had good hard muscle for one so young. Not too happy with her tail, but easily won class.


2nd/ No 17 Beaurite Livinonaprayer


Longer cast bitch, who lost the first place on head shape and body length. This young girl had a lovely straight front with lots of depth to her body, she moved soundly and has promise. If I owned her she would be put away and brought out at a later stage, once she matures.


3rd/ No18 Mosstrooper Thesaucymare


Again, another typical teenager. Longer cast, a bitch that in my opinion, one should be patient with. 

This bitch did not show as well as the first two which made it hard to judge her.



Junior Bitch


1st/ No 33 Triffstaff Temerity


Striking Black bitch with white front, Balanced, Sound, Correct shape and size. This young lady had a terrific head shape with well placed ears, good dark well shaped eye, In fact I thought she had a head to die for. She was well muscled and had nice shaped feet and tail.


2nd/ No 27 Knightsky Inya Dreams


Good looking Red Pied showing good balance on the stack. This bitch was the best mover in the class. 

Ultimately she lost the first place on head shape. However, she had a very  pleasing head with good characteristics.


3rd/ No 20 Borstaff Catch a Cloud


Another quality bitch, mostly white with slight red markings.This bitch had a lovely shape from above. Not quite the head for me as #1 and not as strong moving as #2. Still, this bitch had all the Stafford qualities you would expect from a young lady. Deserved her third place in a very strong class.


Intermediate Bitch


1st/ No 37 CH Highbourne Nine Carat


The Best of four bitches that caught my eye. As soon as she entered the ring I realised I had something special. 

A magnificent Black Brindle with a white front. This bitch had a great head, the best placed shoulders in the show, 

strong neck which carried her head proudly on the move.

She held her topline firm whether standing or moving, carried her tail well which had a beautiful bee sting shape. 

Her movement was effortless and her strength powerfully displayed. She was presented in top nick and shown to perfection.

I was looking for something to beat her from the moment I finished going over her. I never found it. Bitch CC   Best in Show


2nd/ No 27 Hugastaff After Dark


What a pity this lady came up against the 1st place getter. This was again my type of bitch. 

Slightly smaller head than #1 but everything in proportion. She moved soundly and carried herself with distinction. 

She was well muscled, and showed it in her drive.Her outline and shape from above was second to none. 

She was a pleasure to go over and one to watch out for. She was a very strong second place in a very strong class of bitches.


3rd/ No 36 Jamelkur Bowtie Babe


Again  another beautiful bitch. Excellent mover with driving strength from the rear, reaching well out in front. 

Another bitch with a head to die for in a class of bitches with good heads right through. 

Nice eye shape and placement, good tight muscular neck and front. 

Won her third place on attitude, she knew all that was happening around her.


Australian Bred Bitch


1st/  No 53 CH Mosstrooper Get Mortal


Striking Bitch that was hard to take my eye off. Strong boned, having balance and soundness. She moved well and held her topline at all stages. She had the best shaped hams of all exhibits. The strength in her rear was unequalled in the bitches. Her shape from above was correct and her enthusiasm for showing off was infectious. She was my Reserve in Show, only losing top spot on her tail set and undercarriage. It was nice to find out later that she had only had puppies 10 weeks earlier. It was remarkable that she was in such great condition. Reserve Bitch CC   Reserve in Show


2nd/ CH Jenrana Snow Queen


The best Black brindle pied bitch I have ever judged. Boy, can this girl move, she covered the ground effortlessly. She had a pleasing head and Strong neck into shoulders, her rear angles were correct and she carried her tail well. She was shown in good hard condition.


3rd/ No 49 Gemra Cause For Concern


Another Quallity Black Brindle. While longer cast than first two, she had good depth throughout. Pleasing Head and expression, good topline, and moved well. This bitch needed her ears to be a little neater. Saying this she still was very pleasing to look at.


Open Bitch


1st/ No 66 CH Rayonnoire Canny Bairn


Beautifully presented Black Brindle bitch, ďof a typical English styleĒ. Pleasing head with a good dark eye colour, well placed ears and a well defined stop and furrow. Short coupled, lighter boned than some others. She was beautifully angled. Good topline on stack which she maintained when moving. Shown in top condition, she sparkled.


2nd/ No 70 CH Hellfyre Ice Queen


Quality well presented white Bitch, stronger boned than 1st place getter, sound with good movement, had great angles front and back. 

Pleasing head shape. This bitch had a correct bite with excellent shape and colour teeth. A very nice bitch.


3rd/ No70 Grand CH Jenrana Ebony Anivory


Another outstanding pied, showing her age a little today. Not as happy in the ring as the first two place getters. 

Whilst she moved well she was a little reluctant. She had a lovely head and expression and carried her head well on a 

beautifully shaped neck and shoulder, Like the first two she had great balance and was sound.  

She finally started to strut her stuff after I placed her.




Baby Puppy Dog


1st/ No 75 Anglice Fasinating-AI


Well mannered and showy youngster. Little tall in leg, maybe because of age, but very sound and showed well for his handler, 

which won him the class. Lovely dark eye.


2nd/ No 74 Anglice Might and Power-AI


Litter brother, slightly heavier set, showing good balance as did his brother, wider through chest. Didnít show as well as winner.


3rd/ No 72 Supasound Smudged


Lovely six month old Red pied. Doing all the right things at this stage Lets hope he stops growing soon as he was quite developed for age. 

I liked his overall shape and his temperament. He deserved his place even though he looked big in the class.


Minor Puppy Dog


1st/ No 84 Hellfyre Glacial Storm.


Classic white baby, showing good balance and having a nice size about him. Dark eye, good cheek development, lovely small neat ears. 

Moved soundly and showed a confident temperament. Lots to look out for. Showed perfectly for his handler.


2nd/ 82 Warfare Mind Games- Imp NZ.


Black Brindle with a very pleasing head, good strong neck, and correct angled shoulders, Whilst this puppy was more my type 

he was shown at an age where his growth affected his overall balance, typical of puppies this age. Stong bone good tail and set.


3rd/ No 83 Cherabah Iron Nomad


Another Quality puppy, and again up in bum, going through a growth spurt, as with the 2nd place getter. 

Did not show as well as the first two or have quite the right tail set, which might be put down to his age.


Puppy Dog


1st/ No 85 Hellfyre Platinum Edition.


Brother to Minor Puppy winner, Didnít move as well as his brother, was being difficult for his handler. 

Another puppy to watch out for in the future, he had all the qualities of his brother.



Junior Dog


1st/ No 91 Broomsquires Jethro Tull


Ten month old Brindle, beautifully balanced with a correct head shape, he had lovely shaped ears which were placed correctly,. 

Plenty of bone, good angles, moved soundly, nice feet.


2nd/ No 88 Tothemax V Eightpowered.


Very similar in type and size to winner, not showing the bone of #1. Again a lovely balanced dog with lots to like. 

Showed well for his handler.


3rd/No 90  Beaurite Hit The Bullsi


This youngster was shown to perfection. He had a lovely short neck and carried his head well, used his ears and was full of energy. 

His bite was perfect and he had a strong deep muzzle.


Intermediate Dog


1st No 93 CH Reewen Ballyhoggin


Black Brindle with lots of presence, my type of dog, considered him long and hard for the CC and Reserve CC, would like a darker 

eye and a little less size. But excited me from the time he came into the ring. Handled well.


2nd/ No 94 Shkiri Louis Vuitton


Another quality Black, good  balance, great topline, little lighter in bone than #1. Again shown to perfection. A real pleasure to go over him.


3rd/ No 101 Stoneheart Tom Foolery


Quality Brindle, slightly smaller in stature to 1 and 2, but shown well, never allowing this to be a disadvantage. 

This boy had shoulders to die for and a topline to boot. Pleasing head. Nothing to dislike, his tail never stopped wagging.


Australian Bred Dog


1st/ No 104 Orazz Pog Mohn


Handsome Dog, Black Brindle with white chest, Strong Head, correct eye shape, deep muzzle, nice tight lips. 

Nice depth of chest with a straight front, good topline. Looked like he was always at attention.


2nd/ No 107 Cairford Tell No Lies


Smart Brindle and white, not as alert as winner, showing type and balance, very pleasing head . 

This dog was a little longer cast than #1 but had good angulation front and back.


3rd/ No 109 CH Linwest Back in Black


Black Brindle, What a lot of dog. Smart showing quality, beautiful head, lovely small ears, dark eye. Length pushed him into third spot. 

All the same, a quality animal.


Open Dog


1st/ No 115 CH Highbourne Baryshnikov.


Correct size Brindle with beautiful presence. Balanced throughout holding topline on move and in stance. 

His tail and set was correct and he carried it well on the move. He had a good size head with a dark eye and neat ears.  

Short Neck, well muscled and shown in top condition.  This dog was as sound as a bell and I found myself comparing all the other dogs to him, which is why I chose him for the Dog CC.


2nd/ 117 CH Linwest Thunderstruck


Probably the best Red Pied Iíll ever have the pleasure to go over. Stunning dog with great markings. 

Whilst different in type to winner, deserved his runner up tag, as he was shown in wonderful condition and did everything that was asked of him. 

His head was more my type, showing good stop and furrow, pleasing eye and a correct bite. Came second to winner on type. Reserve Dog CC



3rd/ No Ch Staffstruck High Velocity


Good size black brindle with white front, lovely shape to head all in proportion, having correct bite, tight flews and good depth to muzzle. 

Whilst he moved well, did not have the free action of first two today. This boy was one I will watch in the future.




Nice old well loved pet, pleasure to see him enjoying his day. I loved his style.