1st Championship Show - 06/04/02

Mrs Audrey Hubery (Nozac Staffords) - UK


I was deeply honoured to judge at this Club’s First Championship show. A day I will never forget, the new friends I have made and some lovely Stafford’s to judge. It was my first trip to Australia, I hope not the last. The journey took 24 hours so I was glad for a couple of days rest in first class accommodation. Eric Birkeland met me at the airport and as the president of the Club, he made me feel at home as soon as he spoke. He kept up this hospitality until I left for England. The day after I arrived Pauline Cobb picked me up at the motel and saw to my needs. This is a lady who is 100% committed to the Club, a very valuable member. After the judging I was to stay with Pauline and John, her husband, he is very entertaining. Thanks for the yellow dream machine, he knows what I mean. After coming out of quarantine (ha ha ha), not a dog in sight for a couple of days, I was getting withdrawal symptoms, my Big Day had arrived! Pauline picked me up to take me to the showgrounds, what a big site, BIG rings, not a pot hole in sight, gazebos for shade for the dogs and myself. I was introduced to the rest of the committee, Linda Birkeland, the secretary, was buzzing around with excitement making sure all was going well. Dione, vice president said ‘Hi’, Jenny, the treasurer, was very busy doing her job. I would like to say a big thank you to the committee, sorry if I have missed some names out but everyone was quite busy.


Now down to the job at hand and what the exhibitors come for, from far and wide. For my opinion, it is an opinion that we all take the best dog home any way. I would like to say a big thank you to these people who accepted my placings in a sportsman like manner. You have got some beautiful dogs, do not let anyone tell you differently. Like in the UK there are some points to address, my entry of 208, 18 absent was fantastic. I found 10 converging canines, 1 mouth the teeth had been filed down, 4 exhibits had the smallest eyes I have ever seen, some had almost almond shaped eyes and there were a few light going onto amber coloured eyes, 4 exhibits were over height. So the mouths and eyes need to be addressed.


Thank you very much for allowing me to go over your dogs.

BABY PUPPY DOG - 14, 1 abs

My first class, baby puppy dog, was the hardest class as I feel they are at a disadvantage as at this tender age some have testicles, some have not quite, some have teeth, some have not quite.

1. Mortimer’s TYKABUL URBAN LEGEND                           (Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Tykabul Picture Perfect)
Quite a show off, eager to please, short compact, won on merit.

2. Gadsby’s SEIGHFORD GRAND SLAM - AI                 (Am & Int Ch Slam Dance CGD—USA x Boldhart Jemima Pudlduck)
b/b a little longer cast but enough to like.

3. Austin-Cleary’s TYKABUL ULTIMATE FORCE               (Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Tykabul Picture Perfect)
3 nice babies

4. Parson’s STABUTER RIMFIRE REBEL                            (Geordypride The Bandit x Standinproud Shebashanti)

5. Terry’s MOBLAND THE CRUSADER                                (Ch Bajed Pitstop x Bajed Xena)



1.            Consadine’s MOSSTROOPER TALK MEMPHIS   (Ch Leatherwood Daredevil x Eastaff The Oulton Broad - Imp UK)             MINOR IN SHOW

b/b of quality, liked his head shape, darkest of eyes which were round, no apparent cheek bumps yet, clean lipped , nice teeth, sound in front, shade long in back, going through the gangly stage, good bend of stifle, well handled.

2. Graves’ GRAVEHEART MYSTERY MAN                        (Ch Satiety Horace Whitesox x Stoneheart Summanite)
Not as developed as 1st, overall picture was good, front sound, tail set correct, moved with purpose.

3. Holden’s PITSTAFF DEVIL IN DESGISE                         (Bajed Henry the Eighth x Pitstaff Belladonna)
More mature than 1 and 2, could change places another day.



1. Bottero’s TYKABUL RULES DON’T APPLY                    (Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Tykabul Not Now Dear)
What a cracker, b/b beautiful head shape, correct ear carriage, dark round eye, a shade long in back, I hope coat will improve with maturity. Well handled.

2. Amos & Sioukas’ VERYSHARP BLACK MAMBA           (Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Grand Ch Verysharp the Real McCoy)
I liked this one a lot, punishing head, eyes good shape could be darker, not too short in stop, strong large teeth, could be cleaner in lip, moved sluggishly at first but corrected himself.

3. Marsh’s NEWORDER HEAVY TAR                                   (Ch Jenrana Black Mail x Ch Jenrana All the Talk)
Another good ‘un. In good company today, movement was erratic.

4. Sevilara Knls’ SEVILARA ROSIES RASCAL                   (Ch Sevilara Merlins Magic x Ch Sevilara Red Garter Rosie)

5. Lindsey’s LINWEST THUNDERSTRUCK                         (Nuklnoz Vincent Comet x Jehard Last Love)


JUNIOR DOG - 10, 1 abs

1. Mortimer’s CHABLAKMOR PRIVATE RYAN                   (Jamarvins High Spirits - Imp UK x Ch Chablakmor Rip Snorter)
b/b what a quality dog, superb in head, nice rose ears but a little thick for me, a piercing expression, strong under jaw, neck just muscling up nicely, into well laid shoulders, enough thickness of bone, ribbed up, level topline, I would have like him with some kind of muscle definition on hindquarters by now, moved with drive.

2. Birkeland’s JAMELKUR ALL REVD UP                     (Grand Ch The Ulster Immigrant - Imp UK x Ch Ganglands Riverdance)
Same remarks as one but lighter in eye, ears a shade heavy, deep chest, well off for rib, movement was crabbing at first but sorted himself out when asked to move again. Well handled by this young handler, 2 good dogs.

3. Hardy’s TANAROS BLASTOFF DEMON                          (Ch Ramshire Simply Super - Imp UK x Ch Pitstaff Xandoria)
Lovely mahogany brindle which demanded attention, shame to meet 1 and 2 in good nick.

4. Oats’ FAEMOUNT FIFE N DRUM                                      (Ch Boldhart Hugo Who x Ch Boldhart Belle of the Ball)

5. Reid’s TANRAROS SUPER GLIDE                                   (Ch Ramshire Simply Super - Imp UK x Ch Pitstaff Xandoria)



1. Gogerly’s APPLEYARD BASIL BEAU                                  (Ch Stafflyte Pathfinder x Borstaff Polly Waffle)
Good quality brindle, strong in neck, dark eye for coat colour, nice rose ears, cheek bumps coming along, should be more pronounced at this age, good scissor bite, short compact, stood 4 square, nicely tucked up loins but would have preferred a little more muscle definition on hind quarters to complete the picture. Carefully handled.

2. Dawes’ BAJED EYE OPENER                                              (Ch Surestaff Outside Edge - Imp UK x Bajed Tia Maria)
He was just that, has to be assessed before an opinion is made, a sound Stafford but just lacked the finishing touches of 1, eg. Muscle tone, lack of interest in this good class.

3. Austin-Cleary’s CH CHABLAKMOR THE RENEGADE     (Ch Truhart Black Night x Ch Chabalkmor Dynamite News)
A pleasing exhibit, well off for bone, ample rib, carried some excess weight today hence this placing.

4. Lowe’s CH BOLDHART OLLY TOOK                                  (Ch Boldhart Mo Macackie x Ch Boldhart Tabitha Twitchit)

5. Norberry’s CH ALMAWILL ALL FIRED UP                          (Ch Cehrabah Son of Samson x Cherabah Mistress Mine)



My best dog class of the day, quality ws through out, I found I had to fault find when I dwindled the class down to 10 then the decision was difficult.

1. Bambach & Tattersall’s CH OURGANG TRULY UNRULY     (Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike x Ourgang Truly Madly Deeply)
Not unruly today, brindle, outstanding virtues, strong in head, ears and eyes of correct shape, deep in stop, strength in muzzle and underjaw, tight lipped, great strength in neck leading into powerful shoulders, but I would take care in this department as could be overdone if over exercised, deep chest which gave him plenty of heart room, good bend of stifle, strong in hindquarters which he moved with drive, expertly handled.

2. Fleet’s CH MIDNITEAMOUR SIR JACKSON                            (Bajed Johnnie Walker x Qstaff Harleys Pride)
A dog I liked a lot, a useful Stafford in all departments,solid head, good pigmentation which I thought was light in eye but his coat colour was such that I forgave this, a light brindle, in the standard, not to wide in front, ample rib leading up to a good tuck up in loins, he moved with drive, very gently handled.

3. Shaw’s CH BELLEDEN RED WARRIOR                                   (Ch Warree Red Wallace x Ch Warree She Devil)
Superb red, best one of the day today, punishing head piece, demanded attention, nice pigmentation, black nails, level topline, tail set carried correctly, these 3 will change placings on different days.

4. Austin’s CH MOSSTROOPER DEAD MOODY                         (Ch Leatherwood Daredevil x Ch Mosstrooper Mabel Joy)

5. Van Kleeff’s CH VANSTAFF BLACK SABBATH                      (Grand Ch Tussler the Boss x Ch Rebelstaff Bonny Parker)


OPEN DOG - 19, 4 abs

1. Appleby’s CH LEATHERWOOD DAREDEVIL                                                 OPEN IN SHOW, CHALLENGE DOG

(Jamarvins High Spirits - Imp UK x Ch Reigate Satin Doll)         
A superb b/b who caught my eye, he had true Stafford attitude and temperament, the way I like my Staffords, if you want a wimp change your breed, yes be vigilant with your Stafford, a Stafford should be on his toes not shaking in his shoes so to speak, this dog got my attention, a head to die for. Very good pigmentation, black nose and nails, best of mouths today, large canines, the strength of underjaw was awesome, short powerful neck, excellent in shoulder, ample rib, my only criticism is a tad long in back but still short coupled, lovely bend of stifle, hocks well let down, moved this dog a couple of times, could nto believe a Stafford with the depth of bone could move so effortlessly I would say a 40 pound dog who moved as though he was a 38 pounder, his topline was not his virtue but could not deny him the
Dog CC, thank you.

1. Stanley’s CH CHERABAH IRONSIDE   (Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike x Cherabah Paint Me Black)         RESERVE DOG
A different type to first a brindle that would not be out of place in Open Dog in the UK, a superb Stafford with a balanced head, the best of ear carriage, piercing expression, short in stop, tight lipped, a honest well balanced dog, compact, well muscledup, I had to make a decision, 2 very good dogs under 2 different judges would wap places no doubt, I would be proud to own both of them so what was it to be? A tad long in back which moved with drive or the compact, standard one who I felt moved close behind at the point of hock, if I never moved them again I might have missed it, so he got
Res CC, well done.

2. Tattersall’s CH TAROBY UNRIVALLED              (Taroby Loggers Mate x Ch Taroby Palatial)
Another good ‘un which stood 4 square, head not as strong as 1 and 2 but his overall balance got him this place.

3. Blatch’s GANGLANDS BALLS OF FIRE              (Grand Ch The Ulster Immigrant - Imp UK x Leatherwood Lil Lucyfer)

4. Linwest Knls’ LINWEST IN LIKE FLIN                 (Ch Satiety Horace Whitesox x Ch Solidrock It n ABit)




BABY BITCH - 19, 6 abs

1. Lowe’s SEIGHFORD TIKKA MISALA                                   BABY IN SHOW
(Am & Int Ch Slam Dance CGD—USA x Boldhart Jemima Pudlduck)
My favourite food and this baby wet my appetite, b/b, as I said - a class I do not like doing but safer with a bitch than a baby dog, one for the top drawer I hope, not a lot to assess, she handled well, feminine features, stood out in this class.

2. Mortimer’s CHABLAKMOR BABY DOLL                             (Staffystuff Fire Trooper x Treehaven Black Opal)
A shade heavier than 1st, sweet head shape, good pigmentation, moved at advantage.

3. Wylie’s STAFFLYTE SKYS THE LIMIT                                (Ch Gecane TheVicarOvCoseley x Ch Stafflyte Touch The Sky)
Compact at this stage, lovely bone, well angulated. 3 promising babies.

4. Lowe’s SEIGHFORD TALLULAH CHEW                            (Am & Int Ch Slam Dance CGD—USA x Boldhart Jemima Pudlduck)

5.           Gardner & Martin’s STAFFSTRUCK DAYDREAMALEY     (Eastaff Causing Chaos - Imp UK x Ch Staffstruck Malibu Dreams)



1. Wolf’s BOLDHART FANCYTHSNFANCYTHT                    (Grand Ch Ourgang Hell For Leather x Ch Boldhart Francies Fancy)
What a puppy! Fawn with a black mask, wish she was mine, feminine head, darkest of eyes, good mouth at this age, not too wide in front, brisket showing slightly, enough bone for a baby, level topline, handled very ably. Keep an eye out for this one.

2. Austin-Cleary’s TYKABUL THINK TWICE                           (Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Ruffhouse Chill Out)
This kennel has some nice stuff. B/b different to 1st, a bit more on the head and in the body, wider in front and a tad long in back, still looked the part.

3. Shaw’s BELLEDEN WARRIORPRINCESS                        (Ch Dreamcatcher Turbocharge x Ch Warree She Devil)
Lovely red, more mature than 1st and 2nd, good tight coat in gleaming condition.

4. Bambach & Tattersall’s BORSTAFF FANNY FREDRIKA     (Ch Cherabah Ironside x Borstaff Hazel Hairbrush)

5. Jennings’ JENRANA STORM CHASER                              (Ch Jenrana Black Mail x Ch Jenrana All The Talk)



1. Sing’s CHERABAH SHES SO FINE      (Ch Almawill Under Pressure x Cherabah English Rose)       PUPPY IN SHOW
What a stunner, everything in the right place, nothing to dislike, short compact body, level top line, beautiful coat, well angulated, gave her Best Puppy in Show.

2. Pearce’s LINWEST CREATE A STORM                             (Ch Solidrock In Like Flin x Linwest Good Golly)
Stood 4 square, not overdone, enough bone, ample rib, well handled.

3. Gadsby’s SEIGHFORD TWINKLETOES                             (Ch Boldhart Olly Took x Ch Boycestaff Swampfox)
Enough to like, longer in muzzle, pleasing youngster at this moment, ears a shade heavy, once head develops should be right. Expertly presented.

4. Austin-Cleary & Puklowski’s TYKABUL RANDOM HEARTS     (Ch Chablakmor The Renegade x Tykabul Not Now Dear)

5. O’Brien’s PITFORD BLACK CHARM                                   (Ch Belleden Red Warrior x Pitford Serenity)



(Ch Cherabah Ironside x Ch Highbourne Vintage Crop)
A light brindle who took my breath away, bang on standard height and weight, feminine head, beautiful set ears, dark round eyes, short in neck, tight in lip, powerful without being over done, well laid back shoulder, flowing into ample spring of rib, a good tuck up which gave her the edge in this class, well presented in fine fettle, would grace herself in the UK, well done,
Bitch CC & BOB, wish she was mine.

2. Egglestone’s FAEMOUNT FATAL ATTRACTION              (Ch Boldhart Hugo Who x Ch Boldhart Belle of the Ball)
Not dissimilar to 1, punishing head, good round eye, keen expression, good neck and shoulder, smooth coat, muscling up nicely, handled well.

3. Holohan’s LINWEST BITTER SWEET                                 (Ch Satiety Horace Whitesox x Linwest All Fired Up)
Three stunning bitches, different type to winners in this class, just carried some excess weight today.

4. Jenks’ EASTAFF DARK LADY - Imp UK             (Jamarvins Fellow Traveller - UK x Eastaff Nozac Sarah Moon Classic - UK)

5. Dawes’ BAJED KATIES KISS                                                (Bajed Iron Man x Bajed Voodoo Child)



(Ch Satiety Horace Whitesox x Cherabah Chantilly Lace)
Another light brindle put out in excellent order, another bang in the standard, actually the best head of the day in bitches, not overdone, ears of the best, good round eye, check bumps apparent, super front, level topline, enough bone and ample rib, her hindquarters are her good points, moved with drive but handler must slow her down, as when she pulls it makes her neck look out of balance with her body. Gave her the
Res CC and RuBIS, another I wish was mine.

2. Tattersall’s CH TAROBY WICKED WANDA                       (Ch Taroby Hurricane x Taroby Doohan It Easy)
Another awesome bitch, deserves to be a Ch but unfortunate to meet 1st today in good order, different type to winner but still a nice specimen. Solid in head, round dark eye, piercing expression, good depth of brisket, a shade heavy today.

3. Szirer’s BORSTAFF LOLLAPALOOZA                                (Zedistaff Apache Lad x Borstaff Hazel Hairbrush)
Same remarks as previous, but longer cast, coat needs attention.

4. Myer’s MARJENN JERRI                                                       (Natcol Jack x Ch Marjenn Amber)

5. Sevilara Knls’ CH SEVILARA BRIAR ROSE                       (Ch Boldhart Mo Macackie x Ch Sevilara Red Garter Rosie)



(Ch Jackstaff Oddfella - Imp UK x Gamester Raspberry Beret)
A super red and white of quality in the standard, punishing head piece, very good pigmentation, short in back, level top line, she was overweight today so was penalised for this in the challenge.

2. Frazer’s HIGHBOURNE VINTAGE CROP                          (Ch Leatherwood Iron Mike x Ch Highbourne Mummys Pet)
A light brindle out of the top drawer, this kennel have some super bitches, this bitch caught my eye as son as she came in the ring, the standard was written for her, power house of a bitch, good front, ample spring of rib, nicely angulated but lost out on looseness underneath, which distracted her movement, a useful bitch though.

3. Morse’s DIAMONDSTAFF JASMIN                              (Grand Ch The Ulster Immigrant - Imp UK x Diamondstaff Choo Choo)
Could not deny this one 3rd in his class of top quality bitches, ashade heavy for me, a compact package, eyes a little light